onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Bored, bored, bored...

Yep. That's right. Bored. Today started out better than yesterday..call wise. Though I had a doozey earlier, just before lunch. Ugh. S'okay though, got it fixed. Which is good, he didn't sound happy. I have the whole web at my disposal to keep me occupied..and wouldn't you know? I have no freakin' clue what to do. There's no calls in the q..(oh, damn)..and I'm finishing up lunch. So...someone entertain me (smirk).
This does prove to me though...I spend *way* too much time online in chat rooms. What can I say? People amuse me. At least, when they don't irritate me. But, online, they amuse me. Pathetic creatures half of them...okay, not all of them. Most I've run across here aren't pathetic..and, no, I don't consider myself so. I'm talking about a certain type you see..not everyone online. So, before you get angry and leave me nasty little comments, if I like you, I'm not talking about you. If you aren't desperate for attention, again, I'm not talking about you. Most likely, you know who I am talking about.
I like IRC, I spend a bit of time there..when I'm home and can get online. This will start again soon. I use bondage.com as a server (Hmn, this should NOT come as a surprise, if it does...you're sorely behind in posts). Let's face it...a server like that just screams sex rooms. Not all of them are, and I hang out in the local rooms that aren't really sex related. Okay, they are, in conversation..but, you won't find cybering in these rooms. This is not true of 90% of them however..and every so often I like to romp about in the cyber rooms. Not that I cyber (okay, I do, er, did...not now since I've met and been with Tyr..but, I'll fess up...) Now, if you catch me in one, I'm with Tyr or watching. Usually watching. These people amuse me greatly..with all their pretenses and illusions. Doms who use "Kneel Bitch" and expect every submissive in the room to swoon and come running. Chya. What's amusing is watching them throw a fit when they don't..when ones like me sit back and smirk. I try not to be sarcastic with them..but, let's face it, I'm a smart ass. I'm not likely to resist that often. The draw back is..I find sarcasm is lost on the population. Shame. There is amusement in insulting someone when they don't know they've just been insulted, or aren't sure.
But..these people...I don't know. They seem pathetic, desperate. They cyber in a public room...and it isn't that...its just..what they do, isn't possible. Maybe they imagine themselves to be Mr. Stretchy the super humanoid alien monster Dom or something..but, when you read, I mean actually read what they do. No way. Not humanly possible. You can't fuck a girl from 10 feet across the room..and if you can...you SCARE me. And these women, who let these men, "tie" them up (okay, this is in the imagination, I know..but, keep with me folks) in all these not possible positions and hang them by their nipples...what are they? Contenders of the national contortionists award? What do they have? Steel nipples? Ouch. I don't think so. One of these days, I'll get an example of what I mean. That...and, one person puts in all this creativity..and all they get is something akin to "Oooh baaabbbbyy! Yes, right there!" Uhm. Hmn. That's it? No body movement? We're ONLINE people...unless you have a camera...put it in words, I can't see you! Neither can Mr. I-wanna-fuck-you who's sitting across the room and somehow managing to shove himself way up deep. The lack of creativity both amuses and disgusts me. If you want to cyber, cool beans. I don't care...but, geeze, especially if you're public, be creative. And real. Or at least more real than having her hang by her nipples...they won't hold up body weight. Or if you hang her...her back won't be straight unless you support it. I'm not saying you have to win an oscar..but, geeze. A little thought would be nice. In return, girls like me will be more interested and eager to supply you with fodder.
But, in the meantime...I'll amuse myself by watching them fail miserably at the objective. I'll laugh at the thought that they think they're Doms offline. And I'll continue to use them to hone my sarcasm skills. I'm such an evil little bitch. Tyr once told me he felt for the unconfident man who finds his way in my path. I do too..I'll play upon it and destroy that shred you think you have. Worse, I'll smile while doing it. Just give me a reason......(EG)

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