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Between call ramblings

I should keep a notebook with me at all times for journaling and writing. Its more work, as I'll probably copy it into my LJ anyway. But, there's something that's comforting in the act of writing. Soothing even. Maybe its because I work around computers all day long, it becomes almost obnoxious to listen to that tappity-tap-tap. Besides, I'm not always in a place where I can "pull up a keyboard".
Of course, if they see me doing this (this being the writing) too often at work, they may complain about that too. Enough about that though, its Friday and I have every intention of remaining in a good, if a bit tired, mood. Only 1 hour until my last break. Yay!
No big plans for the weekend really. Just spending time with friends. The whole 'gang' should be over. Woo! The apartment over the weekend will consist of: bonzo boy, Bryan, Mike and Jamie, and of course the room mates. Full. Oh, not to mention that Fenris will be joining us *early* Sunday morning.
I checked on vacation time today. I have 44 hours, may as well use it. Just a matter of deciding when now. I was thinking of finishing the week of New Year's, since we'll be in Canada and I think its only 2 days left. That's only 16 hours *shrugs*. I was also thinking of taking a couple days here in the next couple weeks. Mental health days. I think I'll wait and see what shift Fenris ends up working first, I'm thinking I'd like to spend that time with him :)


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Aug. 9th, 2002 07:04 pm (UTC)
wow. writing. Like with a pencil or pen. I think I've pretty much forgotten how..
Aug. 9th, 2002 10:33 pm (UTC)
I know that when I am really, really tired or otherwise impaired, I find it much easier to press a key than to have to go through the complicated muscle motions to actually form the glyph in writing. I've noticed that paper also doesn't have auto-wrap but that was a time when I was rather impaired from something that wasn't sleep.
( 2 comments — Drop A Feather )

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