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I DID it!!! I got this to work! Thanks discordian!!! *dances about the room in absolute joy* hahaha...look out all you lovely people....changes galore! This is the marijuana of the lj world...next I move onto doing other neat tricks with the background...phase 2..the crack. (G)Yep, I'll figure out (probably with help from various folks) how to change the background in these here boxes.
Oh..and I finally paid for this site. I figured 2 months would be good - can do more later if I like it. Also signed up for a couple courses through Barnes and Noble online university. I signed up for the herbal medicine one, which I tried before but wasn't able to complete..try #2. The other one is a nutrition thing - choosing the right diet. But, it isn't a lose weight type diet..its information on how to eat beter. And I could use that...god could I use that. (G)
Now, I may go home, content in the knowledge that I mastered the computer once again. Okay, I had help..but still. I changed it, all by myself, once I had help figuring it out. Once again, be proud. Be very proud.
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