onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Who woulda thunk it?

First, let me say I had a wonderful weekend. I did something this weekend I never thought I'd do! This was something that was never a hard limit for me, but something that I just kinda cringed at just watching. In fact, when I was watching, I was cringing. But, it isn't so bad, at least the little bit I did.
I tried needle play. That's right, me, the one who hates needles. They told me there was nothing to be afraid of, but it wasn't fear that kept me from trying...it was the simple fact that I just don't like needles. Generally speaking, this still holds true...but, I must admit, I found the play enjoyable. It wasn't quite the endorphin rush I was told it would be, but then that rarely happens, and that could have been many factors.
I watched one of the girls get some needle play, because they were talking about it, and she volunteered to be the model while he taught me (and Fenris) a little about it, pleasure aspects and safety aspects. The Dom/Master was very good about it, and when I got up on the table that was set outside the shop, he made sure that I was comfortable with his touching me, and the idea and all. I was a little nervous, but if I was going to try, it was a 'now or never' kinda thing. He used small needles, 33 and 22 gauge. The 33 gauge just went straight in, and the 22 was done as a sort of stitch. The 33's didn't hurt at all, and the 22 did a little, but not much. He kept touching them, lightly patting them. Total sensation...its hard to even describe it. It felt nice though.
After that, he offered to take the wand to them. Oohhh YUMMY. That felt wonderful. It was a very interesting sensation to have the electricity reach inside you. Totally different that what I've experienced so far. Keep in mind that I have not tried any sort of insertables for the wand. I loved it, and would like to do more of that kind of play.
Other than that, the weekend was calm and enjoyable. I took Fenris to a private play party and we camped out, along with others, on the lawn. I guess some people showed up Friday, and had I prepared for that, we would have too. But we got there late Saturday afternoon. I was happy to see many people there, the majority of which I didn't know, but after the last couple gatherings being small, it was nice to see so many. I'm sure our host was happy.
There was a potluck, with lots of yummy food and treats. Even got a recipe. The wolves though, decided that while we slept, the lamb stew was theirs. It was quite amusing actually, though no one witnessed the theft. *grins* The person who made the stew was just upset that our host didn't get a chance to try, and even that wasn't terribly upsetting for him. He was lucky enough to recover all his stuff too.
There was various bondage play that was fun to watch. Fenris and I didn't do much play, but that's alright, I still had a really good time. Made new friends, got see some that I haven't seen in awhile and have an extended invite to come up anytime. Yesterday, I was exhausted and slept most of the day, quite literally. This morning/afternoon, I spent at Fenris house while he worked. Glad I didn't have to get up early.

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