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I woke up cheerful this morning. Giggly almost, and full of energy. Strange. Ah, I won't ask why, it doesn't matter. Its been bleeding over into my day, and its good. Maybe yesterday off was just what I needed to set something right.
Of course, the fact that I've only been on the phones for about 2 hours today helps immensely. Oh, and free food, so I don't have to worry about lunch. Yay! I had a presentation to go to this morning, which lasted about an hour, now lunch, and after lunch, a department meeting. 3 hours off the phones in a solid chunk, who could complain? Bwah! Nice return, I'd say :)
On other fronts - I got to drive Fenris' truck yesterday. Its HUGE. Especially compared to my little Woo car (its a Daewoo). Fortunately, he's patient, and I know how to drive a stick. Talk about a bit of a nerve though. I get to drive it to work next week while he takes my car in to be fixed. The only thing I'm real nervous about is parking. We have small spaces..and that's a big truck. I chickened out on backing it in to park it, not quite that comfy with driving it.
Last night, I got to meet his ex partner. That was a little...well, unusual, I think. For me, anyway. I spent most of the time trying to picture them together as a couple, and just couldn't do it. His ex is a nice person though, and seems like fun to be around. The new partner too. But....attempting to picture them making a life together...I dunno. Just couldn't. Doesn't seem like...each other's type, maybe? Why I'm stuck on trying to wrap my mind around this, I don't know. Its the past, and not mine. Heh.
Rob drove up and gave us a presentation for his new job. Nicely done, and it earned him his first sale. I get to make the house smell all pretty! Yay! *grins* Its a filter system, and really, its a good bargain that he got. Nice system, but a bit too pricey for my blood. If I had the money, I would have gotten it myself..but, ah, well.
Another significant note - last night Fenris and I had our first...well, dispute, I guess. Enough so that he left the bedroom to have a smoke. Strangely, I was okay with that, if a bit worried when he didn't come back in a few minutes. I guess that means I'm feeling pretty secure with things. No apology was issued from either side, and I'm not entirely sure there needed to be....but, the dispute was talked about. Not entirely sure it was resolved, really, but it was discussed, and understandings were reached. That, if nothing else, is a good first step.


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Aug. 20th, 2002 04:37 pm (UTC)
I am glad to read that you are having a good day. I fell asleep during class for a short bit. No big deal thou I did not miss anything important. As far as the dispute that we had lastnight, No there were no apologies issued from either side but it all worked out in the end. When things work out ok I guess that it just make what we have between us that much stronger. The smoke was also to give me a few minutes to go over things in my head and a little space. Well I think there will always be things that we need to talk about and things that we don't see eye to eye on. But again I hope that we can work them out like we did lastnight. Anyway I guess I should try and get some rest before my show comes on so I will say bye for now. If you get bored this evening give me a call. Later.
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