onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Hmn. Well, looking through my friends list, and getting on IRC for the first time in, well, I can't remember when, has made me realize just how little time I've been spending online. No, this isn't a bad thing...it just went unrealized I guess. Burn out? Most likely. I'm on 8 hours at work, blow through most of my email, listen to people bitch whine and moan about their internet and just how much they need that internet connection and can't live without it. Bleh. Big bleh.
I get onto IRC tonight, and am told I'm missed (Yes, most of the folks I know offline too..some not so), that it's been awhile. I'm thinking "They noticed I was gone?" *blink*
On the good side, this apparently means I have a life. haha! Its also made me realize that on the whole, I've been unsocial. Yes, I've been social to some degree, with certain people, or certain groups. There's a couple friends I really need to make time for, and I rarely do. Not sure why...well, I think I could come up with a couple things, but, those are in the past. Supposedly, I'm over them. Some days, I wonder...it still makes me take a deep breath and shake my head. I try not to get too upset, but ya know. I got screwed, and its still bothersome *shrugs* Life marches on.
Tonight, instead of being here online, I wanted to be at the beach for a 'burn'. Its alright, I'm just hoping they have another I can attend. Fire dancing and spinning and such, and there were people I wanted to see..that I've missed seeing lately, and miss getting hugs from. Oh, not that they've been gone terribly long...but, still. They've been noticed :) I want to learn how to do fire spinning, and fire breathing...wonder who I can con into teaching me... ;)

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