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Startling news...

Talked to my mother a little bit today, and she made an offhand comment about a neighbor's house going up for sale, or getting ready to. This particular neighbor I literally grew up with - they've lived there 40 odd years. I know its been awhile since I've been over and visited, and probably even longer since I really looked. I guess part of me took it for granted that they'd be there...well, forever. A fixture, ya know?
It took me by surprise that the house has been empty for...8 months. 8 months, and I never noticed. How could I not? I mean, these were neighbors I used to see on a daily basis, used to say hi to after school, and even 'pester' when I forgot my key because they had an extra set of house keys. They're old, and both have health issues (old being in their 80s at least), and I know she's been in the hospital (didn't realize she's been in the hospital for almost a year now), and now I guess he's moved to the assisted living area of the hospital. Mom said that he spends about 10 hours of his day, each day with her. I want to cry. I want to cry because...well, that's love and devotion in its truest form, and its incredibly beautiful. And incredibly sad. It hurts that these people I grew up with, these people who always had a cheerful smile and a good word are...so...removed. Hurt. They deserve better.
Mom said that the rhodendruns (sp?) out front are cut down now for the workers to do what's needed to sell. Its saddens me to picture that house without the beautiful flowers he spent so much time attending to. Like grandpa, gardening was his hobby and his love. I can't count how many times I saw him puttering around the yard caring for his plants. Its so sad that they've been cut and discarded....

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