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That when you call an internet service...we are NOT the credit card babysitting service. If you have a fraud account - I'm sorry, take it up with the credit card. Not my fault someone got ahold of it. Not my job to double, triple check that its *you* signing up for service. We get a name, an address, a bill method, (generally credit card if signing up online) and other various information..and viola, an account is created. Are we supposed to then call all 5 million of you and ask you to send in ID or something? Yeah, right. Not happening. I'm sorry that if you get caught on the fraud end of the deal that its such a hassel to take the time to file a report. I know you're busy..but guess what? So am I. I'm busy helping those who don't have a freakin' clue (usually) and occassionally someone who *does* have a clue.
This guy just accused my company of being irresponsible because we set up an account with his credit card, even though *he* didn't order service. He's upset now...because he has to file fraud and change credit card numbers and all that...and its SUCH a pain. Wah. Life sucks for you.

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