onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

My weekend

So, I'm finally getting around to noting my weekend.

Friday - I had the day off, and ended up heading up to the man's place on Thursday after the Grind and coffee. Technically, this would have been early Friday morning. I think I rolled in about 5:30 am and proceeded to crawl (almost quite literally) into his bed. It was nice to have him wake me up :) Later I stopped by home, milled around a bit then headed out to Federal Way for Jamie's bridal shower. It was held at the Tokyo Steakhouse. Yummy food, and good company. It was a nice deal, and her aunt paid for everything. After the shower, she wanted a girls' night, so she came up and hung out for a bit. When she left, I packed up kitty and headed to the man's again.

Saturday - I got up in the afternoon, bummed around the house for a bit. When Fenris left for work, I headed home, yet again. This time for a neighbor's birthday party. I came home to a fire engine blocking my drive way. thoabath had a kitchen fire. Everyone is okay, including the fuzzies. Damage is contained to his kitchen, and a broken door on the apartment above him. Nice going on the hero act ;) I'm just glad he wasn't seriously injured. Had a wonderful time at Rob C's party, playing video games and chit chatting. Spent some time with Jenni after that, playing video games and gossiping. Fun, fun. I had every intention of packing up the old computer and hauling it to Fenris', but considering I didn't leave the apartment until about 4:30 am, it wasn't going to happen. Fell asleep on the recliner until he got home.

Sunday - watched and recorded Witchblade most of the day. Lounged. Got laundry done somewhere in there. Not much happening for excitment factor, but it was nice to just lounge.

Yesterday, I drove the man truck in so he could fix my car. It was nice having it start in silence today. Yay!! Last night, we watched some of the worst anime I've ever seen..and its up there with "Orgasmo". The popcorn was worth it though ;)

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