onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Once again - its time to catch up on the weekend. I meant to do this earlier, like last night...but, well. So, here goes.

Friday - Left work late, mostly because I was piddling around on the computer. Did a bit of shopping to get stuff for the class. Came home, made myself some 'special' hershey's hot cocoa and relaxed while I made my binder. Twas nice :)

Saturday - Had the class in the afternoon, but I think I'll save that for its own entry. After the class, there was a healing drum circle. It was very nice, lots of energy. In fact, all that energy kept me up all night. Literally. It was kinda nice to just be able to lose myself in the drums..or at least, I tried. I didn't alway succeed. Must learn to focus better.
Later that night, I went to the club. It was really kinda quiet, just a few scenes going on. I had to work though. Brought a friend with me..she knows who she is, and unless she mentions it in her journal, I won't mention her name. I think she had a nice time though, she seemed to be getting lots of attention ;) Amazingly, didn't leave the club until 3 am.
Stayed home all night, keeping Jenni company and talking all night long. I drove back to Fenris' at about 6 am, still wired. It was kinda strange, walking in the door after him when he's just coming home from work.

Sunday - Slept most of the day, which was to be expected really. Watched movies for most of the evening and headed to bed kinda early. Had the cats in the same room without a showdown, yay! It was kinda nice not to have the hissing and growling as a background to the night :) Fenris and I had a talk that night when we went to bed. It's made me feel a little bit closer to him, and given me a few things to think about.

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