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Major annoyance....

I got a message from my mother today. The cable company has shut her cable off. Why? Because it was moved. *blink* What? Yes, that's right. Moved. To my new address. Nevermind that I didn't request a move for the tv. Nevermind that I specified on more than one occassion that the tv part of that wasn't in my name. Nevermind that I requested *only* the internet be transferred, because well, that's the only service in *my* name. Nevermind that I don't have an install date for the tv. At least, I don't know of one. *sigh*
Major annoyance. Now, I have to call them back, wait on hold, and make sure that its my INTERNET that's going to be installed on Saturday. *grumble* How did this get so screwed up?? One simple task...
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