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Saturday class

I realize its a bit late in coming, and I really should have done this over the weekend when everything was still 'fresh' in my mind and heart, but well...here it is now.

The witchcraft class started on Saturday, and for the first time in awhile, I woke up excited. I mean, truly alive, like I had a purpose. I was smiling, and eager to get a move on the day. I wanted to curl up and cuddle, for the sheer closeness and joy of it, then spring out of bed to run through the shower. Normally, I'm not a morning person. I hate mornings. But, Saturday...it was nice to feel that sense of anticipation...that sense of movement. Not just physical, but emotional and spiritual.
The day started with a visitation from a couple of spiders. *shudder* Now, I have nothing against Arachni, but I wish she'd stop sending me her children. One was so big and stubborn..I had to call Fenris to come kill it for me as I couldn't wash it down the drain. I made the resolution not to apologize to Arachni though, afterall, she knows that I hate spiders and she sends them anyway. I did feel about about ending its poor little life..but only for a short time. For some reason, the fact that there were 2 in the shower stuck with me all day. In Fenris' house, its not all that unusual to find spiders, so at the time why it stuck with me...well, gnawed at me really, was a mystery.
Later, at class, the instructor told us to pay attention to our surroundings during the next 2 weeks. Immediately, those little critters came to mind. A message. Now I knew why they were there....She was telling me something, apparently in a big way. Well, we discussed in class some things to keep an eye out for, and she mentioned looking things up in a book called Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. This book outlines different meanings that animals hold in myths - typically Native American for this book, if I remember, but I could be a bit off. I looked it up there at the store, all excited (now, that's a first!) that I'd seen a spider. It notes in the book that a spider is a symbol of "awakening one to their own sensibilities" or something close to that. Sorry, no exact quote, but I'm sure I can locate it. Well now, didn't that just fit?!
We also learned a focusing excersize, which I'm to practice 3 times this week. I'll carry that over into next week since we don't have class next Saturday. Focus on a candle flame - I understand this will help with meditation. I know that focus is a hard thing for me, so maybe this will work. I'm hoping so. Fenris mentioned he can help too..
So, Saturday, the hour and a half we were in class was like....well, like the rest of the world melted away. We are supposed to think of this as our sanctuary, our oasis from the 'real world'. I don't think that's going to be much of a problem...I always feel so far removed from the world when I go into that store. Delightfully so, mind you. Its almost like its in its own time and space.
After the class (all day really), I felt so..refreshed. New, and alive. I had energy that just wouldn't stop. It felt so good...and right, to be like that. And, even with all that energy tumbling around inside....I was relaxed. Completely relaxed...the worries of the world just didn't matter. It was really nice not to have the weight of the world on my shoulders for even just a short time.


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Sep. 10th, 2002 06:52 pm (UTC)
you re so lucky especially to afford or get the money to go to the classes.
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