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Well said

I found this through a friend:


I agree. National Patriotic day? If we're so flippin' patriotic, shouldn't we be feeling and expressing it all year round?


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Sep. 12th, 2002 12:07 pm (UTC)
ya know, yesterday I refrained from saying anything about the happenings. The roads here were empty as I drove to work, the tv was turned off, due to the same thing on every channel. Walmart has all the books and media and video surrounded by flags in the middle of the store. Schools here all had some type of memorial thing, taking an hour or more from studies to "remember".

It was a tragedy, yes. People were hurt, killed, millions of lives were changed drastically.
They keep telling us to "move on with life, let them not get us down". Well, an Arabian store owner here was targeted for some hate crimes last year, today's date. HE moved out of the small town we are in, after living here for years with his family, interacting with the community. There are new flags again popping up on every daoorway and car windows (at $7.99 a pop, thanks to walmart, k mart and every other mart jumping on the bandwagon)...funny, the 4th of july didnt have that many flags waving.

Last year, local pagans were in total UPROAR because "GOD BLESS AMERICA" was everywhere (instead of "goddess"). I left many pagan groups and friends because of that stupidity.
MY flag is tattered at the edges now. BEing a military wife for 10 years, I never owned a flag, until vendors popped up oin the ROADSIDES vulturing for their share of the disaster. The husband got me one, and it has stayed there, all year long. The edges are a bit tattered, but what the hell...we will most likely get attacked roadside again this week, and get a brand new one.

With everything going on in every country for years, just NOW it seems like, many americans have all of a sudden gotten very patriotic. Like its the trendy thing to do...*shrug* What i cant figure out sometimes, is what are people more pissed about? The terrorists invading american soil? The destruction of American landmarks? Or the lives lost and families shattered?
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