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Atkins diet..

So, I'm looking at the Atkins diet. There's a couple here at work who are on it. They say they've lost like 20 lbs in the last month or so. That's encouraging, but I'm not entirely sure its safe to loose weight like that. They say the hardest part is the snacks, but that once you get used to shifting your thinking it isn't so bad.
Its a diet that is low carbs. Low carbs, fine. No carbs? Not so good, or at least I wouldn't think so. I remember hearing at one point that you didn't eat any carbs on this, but I haven't fully checked out the website yet. Anyway, I'd still like to loose weight, and the Weight Watchers isn't doing it for me at the moment. Oh, I know, its me, not the weight loss program itself....maybe I just need a different sort of plan?
Any thoughts on the Atkins diet? Stories to share? Advice?

Here's the site:
Atkins Diet


Sep. 13th, 2002 08:30 am (UTC)
I was told by my doctor when I thought about this diet is no. low carbing is the answer, but no carbing is bad. A diebetic diet plan is awesome I guess, but it's hard. Every person NEEDS a certain amount of carbs per day. I forget exactly why but it has something to do with bloodsugars and keeping the insulin moving. If you'd like tho, I've got the book here you can take a peek at. My mom wants it back and I just found it. I've also got a few diabetic cook books, one of them is one where you can pick a dinner a lunch and a breakfast that is I think 1500. My problem is I tend to get rebellious and go off the wagon no matter what diet I'm on. It sux. and I was also told the secret to my dietion keeping her blood sugars in check, she's a type 1 diabetic so she has had to keep her diet in check all her life, is exercise. she says walk every day and then 2 times a week go and do something more. *shrugs* I dunno anything more either than anyone else. you could check out a dietion I think our insurance covers it. let me know if you want to check out those books, I'll bring them to work today.

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