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My personal year...

I'll go into my weekend in a bit, when I feel I have time to write. Especially Saturday, which was pretty significant for 3 of us, I think. I've never had a full moon like it! :)
Anyway, I was listening to the radio this morning on the way to work, and on the Kiss morning show, they had a psychic. She was doing numerology for the personal year cycles. I went to her home page and got the following info:

This is the year of new beginnings. New people, new ideas, new job, new home, new friends, new relationships, doors opening. It can be all or some of the above. It is a year of independence, originality, leadership and lots of activity. What you concentrate on this year will often set the tone for the whole nine year cycle, so be sure what you are concentrating on is what you want! A good year to start any new venture, especially a business!

I am in the first year of the 9 year cycle. I can see that I've already started some of this with my new relationship with Fenris, and the Saturday classes at Sacred Traditions. I'm excited about the new year, and hopefully I can put some of that to good use and set a good tone for the next 8 years :) Oh..and here's the site I got it from:

Your Personal Year

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