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Full Moon

I'll write about the rest of my weekend later - this deserves its own entry. I may even be nice enough to cut it for ya.

Saturday, I went to class again in the afternoon. Because Angela was the only one there, this class was later than the rest of them. Class in and of itself wasn't terribly eventful, we learned how to clear space and make it sacred. We learned a bit about how to make ourselves 'clear' as well. We learned a technique to ground and center, and we're supposed to practice this along with the focusing. I think this particular technique may work for me. After class, Angela invited us back to her home for a Medicine Wheel and full moon rit.

Well, we ended up not doing the wheel. There was a need to be inside and do the healing there. Apparently, it was so we could focus on Rob, as it was his night. Before things got into swing, we cleared off a place in her living room to set up as an altar. It was a small party, Angela, Steve, Angela's man, Jenni, Rob and I. Jenni and I agreed later that this was actually better than a large group..it seemed to feel 'just right'. Being a night of Harvest, we also had some fruit before beginning.

We started off with a guided meditation to ground and center as well as meet our Spirit Guides. Steve led the meditation, and it was the same one we'd done at the drum circle two weeks before. Last time, my images were not terribly clear. This time, they were a bit clearer but I still couldn't see faces and such. I'm sure it was the same Guide as before, or at least she felt the same. I didn't see her face this time either, but I got a better vision of her body - like I was above it. Yet, I wasn't really. She was human size, even though she was a Faery. Her wings were large enough to help her fly, which she did, while she held my hand and I walked along this self-made planet. The coloring of the wings had multiple shades of brown and were like a butterfly's wings. I don't recall really talking to her, or actually moving anywhere even though it seemed like were were moving.
As we parted ways, she handed me a candle. It was just a plain white pillar type candle. This is what happened last time, but this time my focus was drawn into the flame for a brief moment. Talking about it afterward, it was thought that maybe I need to practice on my focus more and that's what my Guide was telling me.

After the meditation, Rob was the first to be in the 'hot seat'. They wrapped a bear cloak around him, and we began to drum as Angela directed the energy for him.

I watched as we drummed, and it was fascinating watching Angela work. She moved around him in tight little circles and made gestures with her hands. I had a rattle, so I wasn't really drumming. As Angela was working, I could hear some singing in the background. It wasn't actual singing - but more like a choir, when it warms up and hums notes on a scale. They'd hold it for some time. Jenni and Steve were sitting to my left, almost 'behind' me, so I kept looking back there. After the healing, Jenni and Steve both said they heard something similar. Rob admitted that he had to, and had had the urge to chant. Angela performed a 'psychic surgery' on him, in effect cleansing his emotional, physical and metaphysical self.

It took Rob a bit to feel ready to get out of the chair, so we sat and shared stories for awhile. Then it was Jenni's turn to be wrapped in the bear fur.

Again, I was using the rattle, so no drumming for me. Angela directed the energy for Jenni too, but this time I didn't hear the singing in the background. Jenni didn't seem to need quite the same amount of style of healing as Rob, but Angela said that she was taking a lot of energy. There is some private stuff that needs to be discussed, so I don't think the healing is complete yet, but that's Jenni's story if she wants to share it.

After Jenni, we had some more food because everyone was feeling somewhat depleted. There was lots of sharing during this time, and just general chit chat. Rob had to leave for work, but Jenni stayed there with me, and I'm glad she did. It was my turn now, and Steve worked on me. He said that he had 'something planned' for me. (Oh boy! That never sounds good! LOL)

I got wrapped in the bear fur. Before this, he placed a fur pouch around my neck with a stone in it, and an athame in my hands. I'm not sure what the athame is for, but he told me what the pouch was for after the healing was done. I had my eyes closed, and did my best to just focus on the breathing and anything I might 'see', so I'm not sure what he did. At first, all I could see is the various shades of grey and black that always happen when I close my eyes, then as the drumming continued, there were streaks of 'light' that went through, weaving and twisting through the greys.
At some point, Steve used a couple rattles to help 'clear' something I think, and it sounded like a rattle snake. Of course, a vision of one ready to strike appeared briefly. After a moment, another vision came through. It started out to be like a hawk, but with the white feathers and a kind of hunch back. As it turned away from me, it shifted seamlessly into a vulture. For a bit, there was nothing, and I was trying so hard to just focus and not let my mind dwell on those images until we were done. At the very end, I caught a glimpse of Coyote looking back at me.
As Steve finished and took the pouch off, he told me that it was coyote fur and inside there was a heart stone. I laughed a little, because I knew that's where the vision had come from. Steve told me that he thought I could use a little fun in my life. This statement has made me ponder things a bit, as I wouldn't say that my life wasn't fun. Especially now that I have Fenris here, I've very much enjoyed myself, and life again. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the gift Steve offered, but it does make me think a little.
I looked up all three animals in a book and discovered that the vulture and the snakes are both symbols of rebirth. The vulture is for death/rebirth, and I can't remember what else off hand, but I'll look again and maybe post it. The snake is rebirth, wisdom and initiation. I think there's a couple more there too, and I should read in depth on it. I probably will tonight. The coyote is wisdom and folly. More research will be done shortly. Angela said that the vulture was a sign of Jupiter, which is her Lord. A sun god. Very interesting.
After my turn, we ate and hung out. Later in the evening (morning) we watched South Park. It was rather amusing, and relaxing to just chill with them. When we left, Angela was concerned about us making it home okay, but I told her we were fine. I got a hug from both Angela and Steve. It was very nice and comforting :) I didn't get home until 5 am Sunday morning.

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