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I'm not feeling well this morning. Usual female things. That, and its like people have radar today or something. Phones are quiet until I start to do something...like update my journal for instance. All of a sudden, calls. Not very many, but enough to interupt me. *grumble*
At lunch I have to call the cable company...I may wait until after work to do that though. I shouldn't, because I have the Grind to go to at 8:30..but, I don't know that I want to spend my lunch on the phone either. Erph. I guess, worst comes to worst, I can just go to the Grind like I am. I'm probably only going to stay for my shift anyway.
We put the landlord off again. Jenni said that she was told there would be an increase in rent because she has a room mate. *sigh* Jenni swears this wasn't mentioned before - but, in any case, it should have been mentioned BEFORE rent was sent in. So, the landlord is apparently a little tweaked, and pressing for time for me to get the lease signed. But, ya know..she cancelled the first time..so.

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