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Tyr mentioned in his journal things about realizing that doors are opening and not dwelling on closed doors. Reading his journal, it still hurts a little when he mentions his new partner, but, overall, I'm happy for him.
I think, that even though it hurts that the door is closed with him, that I do realize other doors have opened. And, to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. The fact that it hurts also reminds me that I'm happy where I'm at. That doors are opening for me to progress where I need to. I think, if he and I had remained together, we would have held each other back to some degree. Not intentionally, mind you. Things happen for a reason, this I know. Tyr helped prepare me for something...maybe it was Fenris, or maybe it was a myriad of things. I, in turn, helped Tyr prepare for something. I'm glad to share my life with Tyr, even if it isn't in the same way it was.
Fenris is a good man, and I treasure him. I know that if Tyr and I were together, Fenris and I would not be. I'm glad that I get to know the joy of him in my life...and I'm grateful that I had the joy of having Tyr in my life. I am a lucky woman.

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