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And he's getting a college education??

Found on someone's dead journal:

Another stupid quote of the day: "Fear is the parent of cruelty." I donno what the fuck that even means. Its like a fucking Yoda saying;"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to war." Or something like that. Oh well thats my teacher for you. If any of you were confused at why I get up every morning at 11 and write a journal its because I'm in my english class. Thats right EN-211D, its not that hard, considering all I do is play games all day. She wants us to keep a journal of our thoughts and gives us shitty quotes.

It appalls me that he doesn't have a clue what that means. He's paying for an education, and he can't grasp something that simple??? Yikes!! I hope he didn't get a scholarship. *cringe* He admits, later in his post, that he doesn't pay attention in class. Maybe he should. He may (gasp) learn something.

My response:

Oddly, those quotes are only 'shitty' if you don't understand them. The context of them is pretty simple really - reflections of basic human nature. One only has to observe the world 2 feet in front of themselves to see daily examples.

Take your first quote - "Fear is the parent of cruelty."
Basically what its stating is that basic human nature is to be cruel to something when we don't understand it. Its also commonly known that humans fear what they don't understand.
Example: A goth chick in a small town is picked on relentlessy, called all sorts of names because she's different. Why? Because this small town has never seen anything like her and they don't understand her, therefore fear her.

The Yoda quote - well, that's even simpler to explain.

Example: You have a friend that's borrowed money from you, promised repeatedly he'd pay you back, but hasn't. Eventually, you get mad at him because he's broken his promise so many times. Your anger grows, and a few more months down the line, you hate him. You want nothing to do with him. Soon, you aren't talking to him - his name can't even be mentioned without a scowl creasing your brow. You've started your own personal war. Imagine that on a grander scale, and that's the essence of what Yoda says.

Perhaps you should get your money's worth and actually pay attention in English class, you may actually learn something.
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I'm quite proud of myself, really. I wasn't nearly as sarcastic as I wanted to be.

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