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Unexpected email...

So, my mom forwards me an email. Its from Auntie Lisa. She'll be down around the 20th I think, to see her son. He's coming home soon - he's stationed on the Carl Vinson. I want to see her when she's here..its been a few years. I miss her...hell, I miss Alaska, and everyone we've left behind. I remember her boys growing up..its been a few years since I've seen any of them - about 15 since I've seen Dusty. I'm not entirely sure he remembers me..I know Chris did (does?)...and so does Tony.
Tony is her youngest son, he's 5 years younger than me to the day. He's now married (I think) and has at least one kid, maybe 2 by now, I'm not sure. I believe he's in AK with his mom. Chris and Dusty are twins, and my age. I remember playing with them when I was little. Chris was in AK when I went up there last, probably about 10 years or so now (sigh)...and we reaquainted ourselves, much to Tony's delight. Endless teasing from that (smirk) But, Chris just can't seem to straighten his life out at all. In and out of jail and such (sigh). He's down here now I think, but I'm not sure. I haven't had an update from Lisa in awhile. Dusty was not in AK when I last went up, in fact, if I remmeber, he wasn't talking to any of us at that time. Its a long story, starting waaayyyy back when we were children, maybe I'll explain it someday. Well, he's now in the military..and so entirely different than Chris (so I've been informed) its almost like they aren't twins. If I go to see Dusty, it'll be the first time in years. I would love to see him again..get to know him again. Rekindle a childhood friendship.

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