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Well, the weekend went well, I'd say. I'll write about class later.
Fenris' daughter stayed with us this weekend - its the first we've had her that long. I'm surprised I didn't feel quite as awkward as I normally do around children. Before I left for class, I fed her as Fenris was napping. I didn't get to spend much time with her overall on Saturday, but it sorta felt like a 'mom' thing to make sure she was fed, etc.
Sunday, we took her over to a friends house and let her play with their kids while we played games. Before that, we went to lunch at Izzy's. I did a little 'mom' thing there too, and I hope Fenris didn't mind. He said that he didn't, but I know some parents are a bit picky. She'd cut someone off in the buffet line, and I told her to say 'excuse me'. Of course, she didn't do it until dad told her, and even then she mumbled it. I was kinda proud of me though :) I enjoyed the weekend with her, and look forward to more visits.
It was nice to see William and Jenn as well. I haven't seen them in a really long time. Jenn mentioned that I looked happy with Fenris. Its nice to hear that. On the way home, I was talking to Fenris and pointing out some of the differences between the last relationship and this. It cemented even more, that while I'm a little sad and hurt that the door on that relationship has closed, I'm in a better place for myself. I think this, in and of itself, will help me move on fully. I bet Fenris will like that :)
Sunday night ended fairly well. All around, it was a nice weekend.
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