December 7th, 2001

devil girl

Sports and the commute

I firmly believe that sports fans should suffer their own miserable commute and leave the rest of us out of it. Stop and go all the way across the lake because of a stupid basketball gaem and everyone just has to go and naturally has to get there in time. God forbid they miss something - as if they haven't seen it a thousand times already in their lives.
However, I am safely at home at this moment. Usually I'm at work but I took vacation time for the Christmas party. I should be getting ready, but I'm going to put it off another 5 minutes becasue this is new - and you always have to play with new toys. I'm trying to get the thing to confirm my email address, but at the moment its not going to cooperate and connect to the server. Of course. Its just my day. I'm convinced my computer hates me.