December 8th, 2001

devil girl

Christmas party

I went to the company party tonight. Ended up running late, as usual. I had all these wonderful plans to do errands since I'd gotten off early - wrong! Now I'm stuck doing them tomorrow while trying to move. Not fun.
So, I left here at the time I was supposed to be picking Bryan up. Along the way, I reminded myself why I avoid the nuthouse we call downtown. I was thinking "I haven't taken this route in awhile - it'll be a nice change." Yeah..right. I couldn't be more wrong. Talk about a stress bomb waiting to happen. Cars and people everywhere and no one paying attention to what the hell they are doing. Metro is the worst sometimes - bus drivers rarely pay attention to anything around them. Heaven forbid they do anything as drastic as ... oh...say...realize they (gasp) share the road.
Finally get Bryan, get down to the Museum of Flight and find parking...WAY in the back. Naturally. That's alright though, the back door wasn't far. It's a dry night, I can cope. Heels and all. I did the social faux pa and wore the same dress I did last year, but hey, I'm poor and it looked good. The other dress I had also required shaving I did not have time to do. Thank goodness for *long* skirts. We took our pictures right away - before we could get that nice rosey hue from alcohol and before my hair went totally flat and my make up smeared or something. After that we ate and talked and drank..generally, we made merry with my roomie and her fiance. Woohoo.
Trouble brewed though - but it's not my deal. Apparently something wasn't made clear to roomie and the aftermath was felt like a glacier at the party. She got snubbed hardcore. They talked a bit and things have sort of worked themselves out, I think. I also think that if things were made clear from the beginning the whole mess *could* have been avoided, but what do I know?
So, tomorrow bright and shiney early..we go to breakfast, Bryan and I. Okay, so, 9 am isn't quite so bright and shiney early. Bryan's down on the couch now, with mom keeping him company as she plays that oh-so-addicting game of bejewelled (Damn that msn anyway). At 11 am Mike and Jamie will arrive (in theory) and we begin the move. I think the hardest thing will be the matress. Anyway, that'll be a lot of stress gone from my life even if the move isn't going as smoothly as I wanted. I should know better, I have yet to have a smooth transition from living arrangements.
Oh, yes, we were discussing the party, weren't we? Not much to say really - it was enjoyable being around Bryan and roomie and fiance. Even brought home some glow sticks..."red vine martial arts!" Remind me and I'll explain the red vine episode sometime. In fact, I think the glow vine is still in the car. Anyway, Its...oh..almost 3 am, and I'm beat. My feet are killing me (heels were invented by men to torture bunch of sadists) and my eyelids are rebelling and beginning to close whether I like it or not.
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