December 13th, 2001

devil girl


So, last night went well. Jenni Kitty hit it off well and made friends right off the bat (grin) I knew she would! Wolf and plaything were there (yay!) and Wolf has the floggers done (excited lil squirm). They are beautiful!! Tyr will be happy. I think he's sent out the check - I hope. Lots of talking last night, nothing terribly exciting. Got to view some really nice artwork, got some tips on how to draw. (always good)..and I may take it up again, but I'm terrible at it. My patience is like nil..practice? Nah. If I'm not good the first time around....(smirk). I got to meet Tzdeikal (Okay, so, I have no clue how to spell the man's nick....) and Sylence face to face, finally. Wooo! He's the "anti social" one that Jenni Kitty mentioned in her journal. I didn't know it was him when I was first talking to him, and I don't think he realized it was me either. He came back out and asked. It was cool :) Now I have a face for whom I torment online....(evil little angel grin and the maniacle laugh). Sandybear discovered I have a journal (that makes 3 co-workers that know it exsists, that I'm aware of). I hope they don't get TMI (laugh) Eh, well, that's what they get for reading I guess :P
So, this morning paiwaket, the little cutey, curled up with me. I know this because I rolled over on her a couple times and woke up enough to realize there was a squishy thing beneath me. When it purred, I knew it had to be her. I woke up at 4 am this morning. (grumble) 4 am. Why? I have no clue. I was just awake. I went back to sleep...until the little cutey decided that it was time to get up and began playing. No longer was she a little cutey...she was a menace. She stalked around, jumped at everything and clawed my matress. Little menace found out just how cranky I could be in the morning when, at 5:30, I finally ordered her out of the room with a growl and a jabbed finger at the door. Lucky she understood and ran, the door firmly shut on her heels. Me not a pretty kitty in the morning (smirk). After my shower, I let her back in the room - and she thanks me by shitting on my floor (grumble). Cute little kitty indeed. Tonight I get new kitty litter....and maybe some cayan pepper. *THEN* she can be allowed back in my room without supervision..maybe.
I'm getting braver about my journaling...I'm actually posting a link in one of my yahoo clubs. (gasp) They welcomed me back (grin) Its nice to be missed! ;) Now..all I gotta do is see who's behind the keyboards damnit! I say...a get together! Yeah!
Okay - I'm done for now...back to reading other people's lives....
devil girl

Boredom strikes again...

Aha! I have the third mug in my collection now. I got the Ranger. Thank you Burger King for turning me into your run of the mill Lord of the Rings geek. But, wait! There are others worse than me...I at least don't have the toys...(uhm..yet..)
I was thinking about this morning...and you know, its rather disturbing to wake up with injuries that you don't know how you got. Example...the other day I woke up with a bruise on the inside of my arm that looks like someone tried to take blood a little too high, but there's no needle mark (Its now an ugly shade of black and yellow) .... and today, I woke up with some rather wicked looking scratches on my ankle. I would say they were from kitty...but, they don't really look like kitten claw marks. So, what the hell do I do in my dreams?? I'm coming to the conclusion that I have to learn to control the astral travel....hell, I'll settle for remembering. I'm still wondering how that bruise got there....
We have a department meeting here soon..another hour off the phones...wooo! I'm in a good mood today, despite the fact that its cold and wet outside. Typical Seattle. I finally got to know what my surprise was....Tyr got me a violet wand! ~does a *very* happy dance~ I LOVE favorite toys. And its a deluxe set! YAY!!!! (evil angel grin....BIG evil angel grin). He's kinda upset though because it won't be here when he gets home...not sure when we're gonna get it. But that doesn't matter...he got it..its on its way sometime.....(GRIN)
Here's a random thought. You get a new toy, you have to take it out and play with it. I'm looking at the instructions/warnings on this cup (as if I didn't on the other 2) and it says, in bold letters, "Remove base before putting through dishwasher". The base, for those who haven't seen them, is removable and holds all the nifty little wires and battery to make the light come on. I'm thinkin'...."NO! Really???". What gets me is that someone, somewhere at sometime, saw a nifty gadget like this and DIDN'T remove the nifty battery base and ended up fryin' somethin'...probably himself. Otherwise, the warning wouldn't be needed, and therefore would not be on the product. The other one that *really* disturbs the vaginal cremes. If you look at the box, it says, "Do not take orally"...What on God's green earth made someone go "I wonder what this tastes like?". I mean...its not exactly like the applicator looks like a pill. I don't go "Vaginal...looks like a tampon...must put in mouth...". I'd like to see that before the judge... "Well, yes your does say vaginal...but, it just looked like a really big was I supposed to know you put it *there*?"
Now that I've grossed you all out (HA! Victory!)....I'll go now, as my meeting starts in a few minutes anyway. My job is done (GRIN)
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devil girl

Well, now..I'm addicted...are you happy?

You know..I just never thought I'd get so into this journaling thing. Nope. Never occured to me. Are ya'll happy now? I hope so :P You evil, evil co-workers. Looks like Jenni Kitty isn't the only one who needed corrupting. And here I thought I was already corrupted.
According to some...I'm pretty tame. Guess I have to figure out something else for shock value? (Grin). Hmmmm...give me time...I'll find something.
I can honestly say...I'm liking the interaction thing. I was terrified when I first found out that people could comment...I know, I'm horrible. I expect the worst. You know, the strange looks at work, (Okay, so, I'm not the *only* freak here...and like I said, I'm tame compared to some)...the 'flames'....and lets face it, I'm not all that exciting. No men chasing me down the street cuz I'm just *that* wild parties that end in orgies (what am I doing wrong???). Okay..well, almost..once. But it was a Con.
devil girl

Online flirting...

I'm beginning to realize that online flirting is an art. Apparently, one at which I'm fairly adept. Yay! I'm good at something! Feel the joy (smirk). Of course, its easy...cuz people don't see you. Heaven help me face to face...lil miss tongue tied. But, hey, tonight, I got a phone number. Without trying. Imagine that. (Grin) Although - to be fair to the giver..I do believe it was more of a "Hey, you're friendly and amusing. I'm new here..let's talk!". The poor lad...just doesn't know what he's getting into. (evil angel grin), who's going to give me ideas?? Hmmm? I know you wanna., the yahoo club is interested in the violet wand. I'm trying to give them a good idea of what it is and what it does...but, its much easier to *show* these things. Not that Tyr would have an issue...I can see him doing it with a huge smile. Oi vey! And for those of you who are gluttens for something mildly entertaining (such as my life..) you can find my yahoo profile, with a list of my clubs, as onyxanglfyre. Most of the clubs are rp..and the geeky girl in me loves to play in them. Don't get me started on my characters...I'll babble forever! I see all you fellow roleplayers nodding your heads in understanding. I am, after work again. I'm beginning to think I spend too much time here. Wait, check that, I *know* I do. Heh. But, at least I'm just dinkin' round online at the moment.....not even signed onto the stupid phone., here I am..back at nothing to say for the moment, and unable to resist the urge to update. Lookit what you people have done to me!!! :P
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Cut suggestion...

Hmn, okay, well, Chaos gave me this link for some tags. I believe its the cut command I'm supposed to use. So, in theory, I insert this tag somewhere in my entry...and it tells someone who has it on a friends list to read the full entry from a post. That is, if I'm understanding correctly. Well...we must play with this you know. Yes, we must. Because...well, I have to ...and you my lucky journal readers..get to join., let us test this theory. But see...who's going to tell me if I'm right? Hmmm. here goes.
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New command....

Okay..well, I'm not entirely sure I like that. Erph. Sorry, Chaos..I've gotten rather fond of my books :P Well, maybe for my longer ones. We'll see. Okay..see, now this is a sign of addiction. I'm using this to communicate with you guys! ARGH. Its my journal damnit...a place to put my deepest darkest secrets...wait, I don't have those.
I'm going back to reading now....