December 17th, 2001

devil girl

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Well, its Monday again. The queue light has been red most of the morning..but you know what? I don't care. Residual from last night (GRIN). So, today, even with the queue has been good. I have happy thoughts for the week -
1. 3 days until Tyr is home
2. I get furniture this weekend (barring anything that Murphy's law throws in my direction)
3. I get my computer repaired and hopefully online soon
4. Its my last week of work before vacation

These are my happy thoughts for the week. Today isn't bad for a Monday. I'm waiting for Tyr to come online, but he hasn't yet. (sigh) Oh well, not as if I don't have things to keep me occupied anyway...ya know...customers. I don't have much to write really....its Monday morning and I haven't done anything. I got laundry done last night, but I have to go back tonight to pick up some of it. I forgot to turn the dryer on. DOH. I started it when I left the house..but that means I have to go back and get it. I did 3 loads last night which is quite a bit. Alright..I'll quit rambling. :)
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devil girl

Is there a 12 step program for Harry Potter?

Flashback to the weekend. Someone help me...I've become a Harry Potter fanatic. Where's the nearest 12 step program?? The realization dawned when we were in Hallmark, looking at Christmas cards. We'd found a small section of Harry Potter stuff. Now, there's a Gringott's bank (I want, I want!) that was kinda cool...but, I realized that I needed help when I found a Hogwarts banner, and a Gryphondorf (okay, Bryan found that) banner..and started planning what wall in the living room I could hang them on. Someone help me! WAHHHHHH. I'm not 12 anymore...sheesh. :P You sure there isn't a program??
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devil girl

Looky, looky

Tyr is thinking about trading in his Harley..for another model. Yay! I love his Harley (G). This new one is nice too...beautiful blue. He said that the shop would care for it for him...(damn...I thought I could do that! :P). Wanna take a peek? Yeah, I know ya do...

Yuummmmyyyyy. (sighs wistfully). Yep, I'm a Harley girl (Grin)
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