December 28th, 2001

devil girl


I had written a big long post in a notepad last night when I got home from the Spot. I'll add it later, mostly because I forgot it at home. I'm at Grandma's again, doing laundry before heading down to pick Tyr up. We're going to Lord of the Rings with Bryan. I'm feeling a bit compressed for time, but at least my last load is in the wash. When I got here, I had the place to myself. Ahhhhh, peace! Not for long though (smirk). Grandma's home, and has insisted on yattering at me. And nagging (sigh)
I had fun working at the Spot last night for the Grind. I got to meet some new people, the event coordinator and a couple others. Saw some people I know there. I was a few minutes late, but it wasn't a big deal. Thankfully. There's 2 guys I like to watch dance...they're all fluid motion. One reminds me of a young Indian brave dancing around the bonfire. He's too pale though ;) Still, the long black hair helps.
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devil girl


Damn. Hit enter at the wrong time and updated. Well, I'll just continue with a second post lucky people you.
I just started playing a new game online. So far, its fun. I've gotten lots of help, even found a job for my character. I haven't hit even a 1st level yet, but I'm gaining experience just by trotting around town. Nice. (grin)
I hear work has been a bitch. hehehe. Glad I'm not there :P Vacation has been wonderful, and busier than I expected. This is not bad, mind you. Tomorrow I leave for Canada for a few days. I'm glad to be going..we don't have much planned, but it'll be nice to get the hell out of dodge for a bit. I still have lots to do, but shit, I'm running out of time. (sigh) draw back to having to drive an hour to get Tyr. (grumble) I have to get a key made for Sandybear, so he can feed the kitty. If Jenni's asked him, which I hope she has. Well, she hasn't..but that's okay, I did. Wonderful thing instant messengers (grin) See, so much to do...and my second load is just now in the dryer (sigh)Time crunch...argh!!
I got some done on my room today. Not much - but I got my bed put back together and made. I also have the stereo set up. I need a power strip, only one outlet works in my room (grumble). Well, 2, but the other is covered by my matress because its really the only logical place to put the damn bed. The living room actually looks like a living room now, thanks to Rob. Thanks Rob!! I ordered my power source, so hopefully soon it'll get here. Things are starting to come together (smile)