January 7th, 2002

devil girl

Heh..it just figures...

Okay, so I'm back at work..after 2 weeks. And, naturally, the queue is high. 50 some right now. (sigh). No easy return for me. Nope. That other job is looking better and better. Oh, yeah..I'm considering a job with the County. I haven't filled out the app yet, but its looking more and more appealing. I'll sit down and do a pro/con list here soon...but, going over it in my head, there seem to be more pros. The big pro being, more money. It starts at $14.
I left the kitten crying this morning :( Poor baby. He cried all night last night..but, he did sleep with me. Piewacket isn't sure what to make of him yet, but she keeps hissing at him. I put food and water in the bedroom for him today, just in case. He wouldn't come out this morning because she was standing by the door. We were thinking he looks like a little teddy bear. Kuma is a good name :) It means 'bear'. He's not acting very much like a bear at the moment though...so, I dunno. Maybe when he gets adjusted I'll name him. Right now, he's just scared and confused. But, at least he's seeing my room as a safety for him.
More later...like on lunch. Erph.
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devil girl

My weekend

So, finally, I get a moment to update on my weekend. We went to the party..which didn't turn out like I was thinking. This isn't neccessarily bad though. Tyr and I picked up oblivia and went up to Spex's. Along the way, we discussed religion. It was an interesting discussion. We didn't do "little" space until much later in the evening..but, I'll get to that, I think.
When we got to Spex's, ryka and oblivia wanted to check out a magic store in the mall. So, we went. It was fun, and I love that store. Ryka found an athame she likes, and I found a couple books and such. No one bought anything though. On the way back, we stopped for pizza to feed everyone. We sat and played Buffy after eating. It was already late in the evening. Tyr and I got started late, of course :) During Buffy, oblivia slipped into little space and we did a bit of play. There was a long period of time where we were trying to decide what to do..before we started playing Buffy. I was a bit disappointed, only because I had to change gears. Once I got done sulking, I was fine. I had lots of fun..both in and out of 'little' space.
Sunday, we went to Moonflower Magicks. I bought a couple books, and some tiger's eye. I got one for my purse, and one for my altar. Its the stone for Bast..per the book that oblivia has. At any rate, its probably helpful. Spex and Tyr went after we did. Disadvantage of a small car. Oblivia set up a calandar page for us, and a small yahoo group so we could all keep in touch on pagany things. Its kinda cool. I'm setting up my own calandar for things I'm doing on my own as well.
I brought the kitten home last night - he spent most of his time underneath furniture crying. Poor little guy. I must give Pie credit though - she's hissed at him, but hasn't really advanced on him. He's scared of her though - won't go near her. One of the guys at work suggested a wind up clock to help him since he's crying. He spent the night on the bed with me, curled up right by knees.
Oh! I found a wand I want at Moonflower - its a small glass one that's a beatiful shade of emerald. Its only about $20...so, maybe in the next few paychecks.
Hmn, I think that about sums up my weekend..oh, other than the fact that I learned that oblivia does sort of keep up on my journal :)
devil girl


I am so fucking tired. Draggy, icky kinda tired. I guess last night is catching up with me. Its the last hour of work before I go home...and its taking fucking FOREVER! I hate days like this (sigh). When did time stop? I wish all these people would go away....find something to do besides call me. Bleh. At least they aren't particularly bitchy..which is good, since yet AGAIN one database is being funky. So, I'm sitting here on hold..why? Because I'd rather not answer the phone. I have to get off hold soon (groan) and deal with people...I don't want to talk to anyone. I'm bored too, which isn't helping. Tyr is on, but apparently he's busy with his game (erph), therefore not providing much entertainment/conversation (damn him, what is he good for anyway? :P). Bonzo boy is on..but, really, I don't have anything to say to him. We've been currently reduced to "Hey, how are you? Whatcha up to?" quality conversations lately. Grrr.
Oh! Mike and Jamie (finally!) set a wedding date. Yay! Bout time. Sheesh. We're looking at getting together, all 4 of us on Saturday. Not sure yet, he's going to talk to Jamie..and I haven't pulled a definitive answer from Tyr yet.
Excuse me while I ramble...its keeping my mind from going utterly numb. I hate days like today. And wouldn't ya know? I transfer the customer I had on hold with me...and calls in the queue. Were they there before? No. I hate Murphy. Its Monday..and I can tell...
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