January 11th, 2002

devil girl

Break room chatter...

We got on the discussion of religion. Not a good thing to discuss with most co-workers, but with the two I was discussing it with, cool. They were saying how Christians, on the whole, had to be right. Its my theory, they have to be because they don't have a true faith or security in their religion. Now, before all the Christians (if any)who read this get all upset, I don't see *every* Christian that way..just the ones who HAVE to be right about religion and can't accept that what works for them may not work for me. I know some very cool Christians, who can discuss religion as a concept and not be offended that I believe something different..and not condemn me to hell because I do.
Anyway, it was brought up that translation of the bible was not entirely accurate...Greek words, especially when the bible was translated, had very different meanings. For example (and this was given to me by a co-worker) in Greek the word hand meant from about mid wrist to the fingertips, in English it means the base of the hand to the fingertips. Big difference. This is why the crucifix always shows Jesus with his palms nailed. In the movie Stigmata, which I understand is close to Catholic truth/theory, it was stated that it was portrayed that way because it was more 'asthetically pleasing'. *blink* Uhm. You're looking at a man NAILED to a cross....what the hell could be so 'asthetically pleasing' to begin with??
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devil girl

I shouldn't have..

But I did. I finally did it, I ordered the touch drawing stuff. For those that are curious, check out www.touchdrawing.com Its a good little site. $50 some (sighs) I got the kit and a tape. Still, I've been wanting to do this for awhile, so, worthwile investment.

I'm trying to change the comment line on this..and it seems to be working on my side, but no one else sees it. Fuck. I'm sure I have the html right - seems pretty easy to follow. *grumble* So, what the fuck? Discordian has gone home....so, he's offline for a bit, and I can't ask him for more help. I hate this..why isn't it working right?? Stupid thing. Grrrr.
devil girl

Okay..I can't resist..

This is an *actual* conversation that happened...just moments ago.

I answered the phone - the customer tells me that she's being billed, but has never ordered service. I ask for the credit card number to pull up the account. She promptly tells me its not being billed to a credit card. Here's what follows:

Me: "How are you being billed?"
Cust: "I don't know"
Me: "You know you're being billed, but you don't know how you're being billed...?"
Cust: "No, but I have an invoice here with the account number on it...."

*bangs head on desk* DOH!!!! Hello????
devil girl

Absolutely fucking hilarous!!

Thank you thoabath!! I laughed so hard, I hurt. I marked it as a memory. I had to. It was *that* funny!! I swear..no dogs for Tyr and I. None. Especially named Loki and Akasha. The man is BEGGING for it!! I printed it too - to show Bryan, and a few others. Oh my. Now I know why I prefer cats! LOL