January 13th, 2002

devil girl

Stupid, stupid...

I'm incredibly annoyed with the cable company right now. Yesterday they were supposed to install my internet service...well, lets just say Murphy struck AGAIN. Need I say again how much I hate Murphy?

So, the guy shows up and asks for me by my mother's name. *sigh* That right there is a clue that things aren't going right. I tell him no, but to come in and install the cable *tv* anyway, since I'm going to want that eventually. He does, and changes the paperwork to my name. So, now, I have cable tv, but no internet service, which was the service that I wanted. I called, talked to two supervisors and an escalation queue. Well...it turns out that they not only cancelled my install date for the internet, but my internet account. *blinkblink* Uhm, excuse me? I never called for that. Not only did they do that..but, they can't tell me why they've done that. Oh, goody. Well, I spent about an hour or more on the phone..and ended up calling back three times. On the third try, it took a regular customer service rep to help me. She got the account turned back on. Yay! I'm not sure why the first person couldn't do that. *mutter* But...get this....I can't get modem installed for another 2 weeks. That's right..2. I'm seriously annoyed....they fuck up, and I pay for it. I shouldn't have to wait 2 weeks. But, I do...there's nothing she can do about it..though she said she filled out a form to have them call me back if there's an earlier install date available. I would have argued it, but I had already been on the phone for an hour or more at that point..and I was so angry that I couldn't think. I'm still miffed at the 2 week wait. For their fuck up. *grumble* I've never had an issue with these people...until now. Now, they fucked up majorly. Not only did they fuck up my account..but they fucked up my mom's account. *sigh* This is such a pain in the ass. And it seemed such a simple fucking request...take the INTERNET account that's in my name and transfer it to my new address. Don't worry about the other account at the same address which isn't in my name. Pretty freakin' simple. What kills me, is they had it right the first time. They were just going to install the internet. Then my computer had to go and break...now, its gotten all messed up.
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