January 15th, 2002

devil girl

Phone trees...

Okay, so I call webhosting directly, because, surprisingly (feel the sarcasm) the extension I have doesn't work. I follow the little phone tree prompts...that specifically say "talk to a webhosting cust serv rep"....(I'm thinking, yay! Bingo!)....and get a dial up rep? Uhm. Hello? He gives me an extension, different than the one I have..which, doesn't work. Natch.
Now, I know that phone trees are intentionally confusing, no matter which company you call, but give me a break. This is bordering insanely ridiculus. No wonder I'm getting yelled at for this more often.
Oh..here's another thing. Why do customers always have to argue usage with me? I tell them, we don't charge for usage (being as most accounts are unlimited), we charge for the availability. Invariably, I get .. "Yes, I understand...but, I didn't use the account...." *blinkblink* You sure you understand? Do you have any idea how idiotic you sound with that statement?
devil girl

More Randomness...

So, my mom tells me over the weekend that she's joined a group. Events and Adventures, which is a singles group. I think this is great...hopefully it'll get her out of the house more. I'm not enthused about the cost, but, hey, its her hard earned cash - if she feels its worth it, I won't complain. Maybe she'll meet someone...a new stepfather! haha! She gave me some stuff to look over for it, to show me what she was planning on going to - it seems like they have a great number of fun events planned. Some aren't that expensive either. If I were single, I'd consider joining. Mom did say it was $1000/yr approx. So, even were I single, not sure I could afford that. Of course, since I'm not single (grin) I don't have to consider whether its worth it or not.
Oh..and Happy Birthday mrcorn. I hope things are looking up for you.
devil girl

This morning...

I got to carpool in the morning with thoabath for the first time. Had to take munchkin (his roomie's daughter) to daycare. No big deal..its not that far away, and there's a freeway enterance right there. I think we got underway about 8:30 this morning...because, well, I wasn't ready. I don't do mornings well. Got to the daycare..its for the FAA (?)(I think that's what Sandybear said) ...well, anyway, government. There's a security guard there, which isn't a biggie..kinda nice actually. He got Sandybear's federal id, then asked for my id. Then he made me open the trunk to search. It's not a huge deal to me..but, I can only hope that when the guard starts getting used to me, he'll let me in without searching my trunk. It was rather interesting - I've never had that particular experience before. Sandybear felt kinda bad...but, it wasn't a big deal. We got in okay, dropped munchkin off and went about our merry way. It didn't take long to get to work - we left the daycare about 8:45 and were in Factoria about 9. Not bad at all. Got to drive by all those poor sucka's that don't carpool. MWUHAHAHAHA. It was great. I even stopped to get coffee, though I have to cut back on that particular expense. I like being to work early though.
Other news...I got an email notice that my touch drawing kit will be sent out today. Yay! I can't wait to get that. I have to call UPS too, they need my signature for my book. I'm not home at the times they deliver, so I need to let them know to bring it to work. The book is for my course...I need to print those out too and start doing them. *sighs* It would be so much easier if I had internet service at home. But, no.
devil girl


Okay, I'm going to do what I see other people do...God, I'm such a lemming...*smirk*

Welcome krow to my journal. Pull up a chair, pop some popcorn, relax and enjoy the ride.....
devil girl

Okay...you know I had to....

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Ravenclaws value intellect -- you like things which challenge your mind, whether it be math, art, history, or all of the above and more! You might be somewhat withdrawn, or your intellect might make you a bit mysterious to others.
Get Sorted!

Do I still need that 12 step program.....?
devil girl

I wish these people would just go away...

I'm tired of answering the phones. I'm tired of talking to absolute morons. I just had a guy tell me he doesn't *have* a password to his account. Really? Is that why you're calling to get it from me for webmail? Oh..then, the pissy sigh when I ask him to verify his account by the last 4 of his cc. I'm so sorry I asked for verification before giving out things like your password. Next time, I'll just hand it out to any schmoe that calls. *grump* I want to go home.