January 16th, 2002

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I was up until 3 am this morning. And even as I lay in bed, doing my best to sleep, I had the incredible urge to rearrange my room. This domestic thing...is hanging on longer than I thought. Last night, I managed to clean the kitchen, cook dinner, put some towels away and pick up a little. Other than that, I just watched some tv until Jenni got home. I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoyed tv. I mean, not using as a background for the computer like I normally do, but really watching it. I got to watch Gilmore Girls, Smallville and the crime shows on Discovery I used to watch all the time. Although I fell asleep during one of my favorite ones. Eh, well.
When Jenni got home, we discussed Tarot decks, I showed her the Brian Froud deck. That's where the Faery quiz came from. He's got some beautiful art work in it. It ended up that she did a reading for me with the Dragon Tarot. Basically, it told me to get off my ass and get moving. Worst is, I never even asked it a question...I just blindly cut the deck. *sigh* I get it, I get it!
Jenni and I are planning dinner tonight at the Japanese place just around the corner from work. She goes on lunch when I get off work. When I get home, I think I will rearrange my room..and maybe attempt some laundry. We'll see. I won't have to worry about making dinner after all. I guess that trip to Freddie's gets put off another day. I have to get that key made though - one for Sandybear and one for Tyr. Luckily, I don't work the Grind tomorrow until 10:30 pm, so I won't do too bad as far as time goes. Hopefully.
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I'm continously reminded...

With each nasty call I get..I think, why am I procrastinating on filling out that application? I can't answer that. Maybe because I don't really care for change. There's no reason I should hold back...I'm reminded daily of why I don't like this job. With each customer who prattles on about things that I can't do shit about, and expect me to do something. Its not the company I work for - over all they're pretty decent. Its not my co-workers - again, over all they are decent, likeable people. Its not even really the databases, and lets face it, I have little good to say about those. Its the customers. Not the 'good' customers...but, on the whole, there aren't many of those that call in. Its all the pricks who think they know everything, and you know nothing...yet insist on calling in for 'help'. They are confrontational and generally just stupid. If you have nothing better to do with your day, go find a life, and don't call me. These people are the reason I am beginning to despise people. These people are the reason that when I get up in the morning, I dread coming to work. Its the tension in my shoulders...the muscles that are so tight, I ache all day long. Its that the migraines, which I'd rid myself of for awhile, are coming back. Its the fact that I cringe everytime the phone rings...even at home.
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Now, I get to torture ya'll with updates from my trip to Victoria. Why? Because I can. I wrote these on paper, and am just copying them verbatum. So, deal.

Dec 29, 2001 9:30 pm

I just got out of a hot, hot shower. The kind of hot that turns your skin red and makes the bathroom like a sauna. Oohh, yeah. Mmn. That's the kind of shower meant for flannel jammies. They hold in the heat. And when you open that door, and all the cool air rushes in...mmmn. Bliss.
Last night Tyr, Bryan and I went to see Lord of the Rings. Excellent, excellent movie. Worth braving long lines for multiple times. I was running late, as usual. Lo and behold, traffic. I hate Murphy. We made it alright though - even got good seats. After the movie, we stopped by jack-in-the-crack for food and shakes. Much suction and straw teasing (grin) on the way back to Tyr's.
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Dec 30, 2001 12:20 pm

Okay, new email quote: "To reason with the unenlightened is like trying to make a building by watering stones." From Chen in Remo williams Destroyer.

9:30 pm

Well, the day was pretty uneventful. We got moving about noon. We walked around some. Had lunch at the Cheesecake Cafe. Yum! Found some Harley shirts. May have to back and get a couple. (grin) Visited Munro books. Love that store. I bought Lord of the Rings. They have one book with all the books in it. I've started reading it. Man, I didn't know there was such a history to the book! I mean, just the printing of it! I haven't even gotten to the first chapter. Next, we went to Murchies. I love their coffee. Excellent mochas! Talked to a lady in line, she was from Victoria but currently lives in Colorado. She'd also lived in Seattle and Okanogan.
I finally got a catalogue. Yeah! It gives the website too. I forgot the Munro's has a program to learn Gaelic and one for Japanese. Bryan and I are thinking about buying the Gaelic. We also stopped at another store we like - Seeing is Believing. Great place!
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Dec 31, 2001 1:00 pm

Tarot reading.
Daily spread from Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien
Cosmic Tarot - Major arcana only
3 cards - read from right to left

1. Soul - Quality of energy or internal guidance & direction. Direction soul is moving.
2. Mind - Attitude, beliefs, quality of thinking. Represents the choice factor, how you are judging yourself, others & your creativity.
3. Body - External reality. How magnetic you are right now. Co-worker issues, how you deal with a great number of people, physical environment.

Goal of reading: Learn cards and relations - no specific question asked.

1. Chariot (reversed) - Inaction.
2. Temperance - Moderation
3. The Hermit - alone, self examination and retreat.
devil girl

Dec 31, 2001 1:26 pm

Tarot reading.
Cosmic Tarot - Major Arcana only.
Path of Balance spread
No specific question - learning cards.

Spread breaks down to: Top half is the head. Bottom half is the legs or ability to balance. Left half is female. Right half is male. Position 1 starts with "head", then to the left is 2, below it 3. Right is 4, below it 5 and directly below position 1 is 6.

1. Current communication mode
2. Self esteem and intuition
3. Emotion expression - ability to give/recieve
4. Personal power - Energy/leadership. Ability to initiate.
5. Inner teacher - lessons/opportunities within
6. Quality of relationship

1. Death (reversed) - stagnation
2. Tower (reversed) - worry
3. Magician (reversed) - Confusion
4. Hanged man (reversed) - progress
5. The Hermit (reversed) - retreat
6. The Star (reversed) - Loss

My current communication mode is stagnant. Worry plays a part in my intuition - possibly both relate to job and finances. My emotional expression is confused. Yet by the reversed hang man - I'm making progress in personal power. The hermit suggests that I'm retreating from opportunity. The star indicates loss if I don't move.
Bryan said that maybe I'm being told if I get something started, everything else will fall into place. Please let me have the power source to get started!
devil girl

Jan 1, 2002 12:23 am

Happy New Year!! I can't believe its 2002 already! Today has been pretty uneventful. Spent most of it reading and watching the boob-tube. Played with my tarot cards a bit. Even brought in the two decks I haven't used in some time so they could 'scream' at me. And they did. I'll play with them more tomorrow.
We went to the Keg for dinner. It was great. And talk about eye candy....(evil angel grin). We checked out the theater too, got show times. May go see Lord of the Rings again.

Jan 2, 2002 9:43 am

I had some bloody dreams last night. Vague impressions remain though not enough to remember the dreams themselves. It seemed to hold me in that half sleep state for an eternity last night. I do remember waking up once, but when I fell asleep again, the dreams were waiting. I hope it was just my head downloading unwanted images.
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We now return you...

To your regularly scheduled journaling. I think that's it for my 'catch up' posts. One hour of hell left...and yes, I really do feel that way today.
On the brighter side - I redirected my book to work. Maybe now I'll actually get it. Doesn't ups realize that other people work too? Sheesh. Yeah, okay, I know..not their fault. I can still bitch. Its what I'm good at..