January 17th, 2002

devil girl

I hate mornings...

Okay, so mine isn't off to a good start. My power strip was off when I came to work - my computer of course didn't want cooperate in starting quickly. So, I got here early, just to turn the damn computer on. The calls have been iffy - had one asshole already, and I've been here 30 minutes. *grump* Not as bad as yesterday though.

Happy Birthday lunghai
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devil girl

Okay..that's it...

I'm looking for a new fucking job. *growl* I'm sick of listening to the stupidity of people...then listening them try to blame everyone else and not take resposibility for their own issues. I know that I will get this with any job...but, here it just seems much more prominant than most other places. I'm getting sick of it. Suck it up, people. Life's a bitch sometimes, deal. So, this last caller, who outright blames my company for the fact that he downloaded a virus sealed it for me. I feel guilty about wanting to go..because, over all, its a decent place. And, well, maybe because I feel like I've failed, yet again. I've held this job a little over a year, and I think that's the longest I've held a job.
I got so far as to make a 'pro/con' list for this job..and the county job. I figure I can start that way at the very least. Tomorrow when I'm at mom's I'll print out the damn app and fill it out. I wish I had what it took to stick it out, and hold this job for awhile...lord knows it would look better on my resume...but, I just don't think I can handle the customers anymore. I find myself getting more and more irritated with them.
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devil girl


This was my first match...and ...thank you, I may be unstable sometimes, but not suicidal...

you're a suicidal nurse. take the quiz here.

But, I like 2nd place much better...(G)..

you're a laaaaady. take the quiz here.
devil girl

More domestic..

I have this incredible urge to go home and wash everything down - starting with my room. Clean the carpets, wash the walls and the windows. Then put everything away. *sigh* Where are these coming from? I've never been this domestic. Can't be a sign that I'm getting old, can it? Or that I'm 'nesting'? I hope not...don't think I'm ready for either option. Maybe its just a way to vent the restlessness? Gah. What's happening to me??
Last night when I got home, I did rearrange my room. I think I like it this way better..seems to be more open space. Sandybear and Jenni liked it too. It felt weird though, sleeping with my head under the window. I think it'll be better too for when Tyr stays, more room to pull out the matresses, and if I get a bigger bed, they'll be more room for it.
Oh yes...I did the pros/cons list. Wanna see? Yah, I knew you did.
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