January 29th, 2002

devil girl


Well, I was up *way* too early. Tyr woke me up just to put me to bed...then later, I woke up when he was making not-so-good sounds. He had heartburn really bad, and we had no tums or anything. So, before the sun, I was on the road to the gas station to get him some tums. Fortunately there wasn't really any ice on the road, I was worried about the hill. I slid a little bit, but not bad. I didn't hit anything, or even slide out of my lane I don't think. Tyr didn't sleep until about 6 am or so. I just stayed up at that point, since I had to leave by 7:30 am for the car.
I got the car in okay, no major issues there. A bit late, but with traffic going slow due to weather. I don't think it was a big deal. Got a ride to grandma's and played around on the puter a bit there. Found a new IRC channel #dominateradio. They're looking for DJs and I'm thinking about volunteering. Tyr thinks it may be a good idea. It only took a couple hours for them to do the oil change. Still no rear view mirror though. *sigh* I have to go in again tomorrow for that...the glue isn't dry yet. So, this morning, I left at 7:30 am for nothing. *grumble* Tomorrow though...I'll have my damn mirror.
Sunday was fun. Mike and Jamie came over and we played some games. Finally got to play Chez Dork. We also played one called Zombie. It was a great game! The object: don't get killed by the zombies while you screw all the other players. *grin* I did pretty well at it. After the game, everyone (but Rob, who'd left) trooped on down to Claim Jumpers for dinner. It was great! Lots of joking, flirting all around. And *lots* of food. I think Mike and I were the only ones who didn't get sick...but, Mike went down sick. I felt fine, got a bit of a tummy grumbling but I knew that I ate too much. Jamie went to the emergency room...she may have kidney stones :(. I hope she's alright...yesterday Mike said that she was feeling better, but still hurting some.
That about sums up my weekend...didn't do much other than that.
devil girl

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