February 7th, 2002

devil girl

Another one...

See, this is a prime example of why I don't open my yahoo messenger often.....

mazda98366: hello
onyx: Hello...
mazda98366: how are you?
onyx: I'm alright...and yourself?
mazda98366: good
mazda98366: what are you up too?
onyx: Work at the moment
mazda98366: what are you looking for?
onyx: I'm not really looking for anything...
mazda98366: oh
mazda98366: i am
onyx: Oh...
mazda98366: looking for sex
onyx: Ah..I see..

Why do people do this? As if him telling me that he's looking for sex is going to make all the difference. Oh yeah, let me spread my legs now baybe!
devil girl


A while back I thought I had lost a $50 check dad sent me for Christmas. I had it over at Tyr's, and that was the last place I remembered having it. I remember leaving it on his couch. Well, I couldn't find it a few days later..and when he cleaned the house to move, no check. Ack! I had just chalked it up, with dismay, to being gone.
Well, last night, when I was looking through stuff that he'd brought over, I found it! Yes! It was in a bag with my puzzle glue. *sigh relief* It comes at a *much* needed time. I'm short this check due to catching up on a car payment *and* rent at the same time. Not only that, but I forgot about a bill..and the result, overdrawn bank account. *whimper* I borrowed money from mom, but this lil check will help a great deal. I still don't have a lot of money, but at least now I can go to the grocery store without panicking. Utter....relief.
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