February 18th, 2002

devil girl

Well, here I am...

Sleepless. Damnit. I knew sleeping all day wasn't a good thing. Eh, well, I got caught up on some rpgs. Even found a new one...well, okay, didn't find it really..was directed to it for a more accurate description. But, its White Wolf...and I have an issue with how they do things, especially they're boards. Any company that states they're employees don't have to follow the rules they set doesn't sit real well with me. Its like saying "I can play with your toys, but you can't play with mine!" Bullshit. I'll consider it though, I guess. I'm looking over the rules now.
Mike and Jamie came over, sans Dan. I guess he had to work too early in the morning. Poor bastard. Like I should complain, I work too. I, however, do not have to be up at the ungodly hour of 3 am. Evil bastards. I'm glad my work isn't that evil. Wait..what am I saying?? They are, just not like that.
We played a few games and watched tv, but Jamie was too tired so they left at about 11 pm. We played Munchkin, which was kinda fun actually, and gullitine which was also kind of fun. We started to play US Patent, but it was too complicated for Jamie's tired mind. It was alright though, I wasn't really in the mood for company. I enjoyed seeing them and had a good time..but, when they left, I just wanted to be alone. It was almost like I just didn't know what to say to them..which rarely happens. I was irritated that I had to get dressed (Yeah, I know, I'm a lazy bitch). That wasn't entirely them either, I did go out for dinner.
No teriyaki though *pout* Its Sunday, forgot most places are closed *grumble* I ended up settling for Subway because it was next door to the place and open. Wasn't quite what I wanted, but its food. Afer eating, I took a shower and compromised on the getting dressed thing. Wore sweats and a long sleeved shirt. Dressed, but not dressed. Better than my flannel jammies at any rate. Oh! One mustn't forget the tweety slippers. I love these things *grin*
I find it a touch disturbing that I have flipped the tv, willingly, to VH1..worse yet, its the 'classics'. When did Mtv become too much??? Wait..they don't actually play music anymore. *whimpers* I'm not even 30..and I'm watching 'classic' videos! And, I even remember the words, and sometimes, the video itself or when I first watched it. UGH.
Its 1 am..I'm bored, and now rambling. A sure sign that maybe its time to sign off....
devil girl

Stood up..

You know, it just occurred to me...I was stood up for coffee today. I was supposed to meet blisswhisper. I gave him my number and told him to call over the weekend to figure out a place and time. No call. *sigh* I guess he didn't want to meet after all *shrugs*
I did notice a call on my cell - a missed call from a blocked number. In all fairness, that *could* be him I suppose. It would have been nice to have voice mail along with that notice. I really need to get a land line in here *grumble*
devil girl


I actually slept in my bed last night. I was alone in the apartment, and over the years, I've gotten into the habit of sleeping on the couch in front of the tv when I'm alone. I think it all stems from grandma's. She's got a 2 level house, and there's just something about sleeping upstairs when the house is empty that bugs me. This, of course, has managed to translate into anywhere I stay.
I got an email from Tyr this morning *happy grin* He's now wherever he's going to be. Mind you, I don't have an address yet, but I'm gonna guess that's coming since I still have some of his stuff. He's going to try and get a phone line here soon, so that'll be nice. It'll be easier once he's online, I won't feel so disconnected from him. The current job he has is at Corps Staff, he's working land and ammo for the division. Apparently he's the only combat soldier in the building. Heh. He said there's little field time, but a lot of work to do.
devil girl

Welcome back my muse...

Ahh! Yes, she has returned. If only for a brief moment. I looked over that story I started, and the mind started cranking again. *grin* Maybe I'll actually get something done on it. I was thinking though, that I'd like to have all my writing together - since I'm rarely happy with it the first time around and tend to tweak them, I don't want to be scrolling through my journal in an attempt to find the damn thing. Dates will never be remembered. Maybe I'll set up a new journal. *sigh* Don't worry, I'll still post here, but I may wait until I have a finished product...not sure what I'm going to do yet. At any rate, I should get going on that story before I forget what I'm doing with it!

Welcome back my muse!
devil girl


In fact, that's a groovy idea. And, guess what? I set up a second journal for my writing. And, yes, I will transfer all my poems and such over there, eventually. I think the first thing is going to be that story I was working on. Oh...and for those that are interested...its musingsofagirl.
devil girl


Well, I talked to Blisswhisper today. Apparently he had unexpected out of town company. I can understand this, but a quick note would have been nice. In today's world there are multiple options for communication, and it didn't even have to be long. A phone call, voice mail, yahoo message, email just long enough to say "Not going to make it - explain later" or some such short message. What a blow to my ego if this had been a romantic date. As it was, I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes. Well, okay.
Now, we have plans to meet, across from work, at the Starbucks. Except that, when I told him there, I forgot there were two. Nevermind the fact that I wasn't really planning on meeting anyone tonight. My hair isn't washed (well, washed it last night, but not this morning...greasy effect because its so thin and fine *sigh*). I'm wearing my glasses (ugh)..and I hate that. I'd be much happier in my contacts. Yes, its a confidence thing..stemming waaaayyy back to grade school. Suffice it to say, children were cruel.
In all of this, I'm not complaining. And I'm not entirely sure why it matters. If he doesn't like me, then pshaw. I can deal. If he does, then great, new friend, and he's seen me in my 'worst' (okay, not technically, but the worst for going out of the house)...the rest is gravy. Right? Right. Okay then, 6 more minutes, then I go peruse the starbucks for a man I've never met.