February 24th, 2002

devil girl


I have discovered some email from an unknown persons in my mailbox. Its a very sweet, erotic poem..but, it disturbs me that I don't know who its from. This is the second email like this that I've had. I just want to know where they know me from....
On other fronts..I came home from the Spot at 3 am. I was trying not to stay so late, but yeah, well, gabby me. It was fun though. Had a couple offers to play....that old addage "When the Dom's away..." Heh. Figures. I should petition to have my middle name changed to Irony. Where were all these dominant men when I was single?? Hmn?? Life with Persephone....
Jenni's little sister is taking up residence on the couch for the night..that should keep boo bear (my kitty, formerly "the unnamed wonder") occupied. Okay, Bear is the official name...I just always call him "Boo Bear". Don't ask, I don't have an answer.
Oh! I talked with Nursie tonight....he'd like to play again. May ask Tyr about that one..Nursie is fun *grin* We talked a bit about piercing....I'm considering the possibility of getting my nipples done, Domly one allowing of course. Not sure though if I want to..the issue before has always been healing. I tried twice with the belly button, and body rejected both. Not entirely sure I want to go through that process with the nipples..but Nursie assures me that I probably won't, almost half of the navels pierced on the whole, grow out. Next issue...I'm not a pain slut. That just seems like an awful lot of pain for a cute little ring. They half tweak me anyway. Nursie showed me his nipple piercings and he was tugging on them..made me cringe. Sometimes though, its an automatic "Wow, that's cool". I'll think more on it, maybe talk it over with Tyr sometime....not sure if I want to get them done while he's gone if I do this. Advantage is...fully healed when he gets back so he can play with him. Disadvantage..he's not there to 'make it all better' *sigh*