February 27th, 2002

devil girl

I want to go home....

Well, today is starting out slightly better than yesterday, at any rate. My systems are up and running..at least for the moment. Yesterday, not so. And, we had at least one call center down I heard. Calls went through the roof *sigh* Today, red queue, but not nearly as bad. Customers aren't as 'bad' either.
I dyed my hair on Monday. It turned out a nice bright shade of a coppery red. I like it :) "peruvian fire" is the name of it.
Greeeattttt....I spoke too soon. All databases down, company wide. *sigh* Gotta love this job.
devil girl


Fucking cunt whore stupid fuck idiot.....*snarl*
Little bitch calls me up with NO information, isn't able to verify the account, can't do a call back because its in her husband's name, not hers...yet, she doesn't know the cc, the pw...amazingly (and I can see why...poor bastard) husband no longer lives there. Can't imagine. Stupid fucking whore...take a bottle of midol. *snarl* She can't verify the account - has spent 20 minutes yelling at me because of it..and then calls me a stupid bitch.
Well, dumbass, should not be allowed to breed bitch fuck...if you had noticed..oh 3 MONTHS ago that you were being billed you could have taken care of this before you were dumb enough to throw out the cc, hmn? Yet, I'm the stupid one. *snarl*

devil girl

Calm now...

Okay....so, the next customer....reminded me that not all people are bad. *whew* See...I knew there were a handful out there...
devil girl

Me and the full moon....

Are not always a good combination. Today would be a perfect example of that. 3 days before...3 days after...*whimper* Though, looking at the night sky, it was absolutely beautiful. Or would have been had it not been covered by thick black clouds. Perfect. *smirk*
Attempted to do dinner with tarawn tonight, but no avail. Poor man is working late..so, I ordered pizza instead. Dinner tomorrow night, maybe. Was considering laundry tonight too, but once again, I feel lazy. Bleh.
Talked to bonzo boy today..must remember to email Bryan. boy wants to get together this weekend...claims he has new friends for us to torment ;) Wooo! Bring it on! Oh...and once again...I've been dubbed 'electro sex girl'. Not sure if I should be annoyed, amused or proud *erph*.