February 28th, 2002

devil girl


Okay...so, I have a printer, and I have printer paper and even page protectors. All I need now are binders, which are cheap at Costco. No excuse for me not to get started on that BOS now, is there? All this time, I've been storing away info because I didn't have a printer. I'm excited about this. I've been waiting to get this started...so, a few binders, some dividers...and viola!

1. Spells
2. Mythical Creatures - broken into "Dragons, Faeries, etc"
3. Holidays - broken into "Yule, Imbolic, Samhain, etc" to include myths, ideas of celebration, recipies
4. Aromatherapy

And, whatever else I can think of - but that's a start.
devil girl


I called to make a car payment, all prepared for battle. It wouldn't be the first time. In fact, it usually is a battle. But, today..no battle. Whew! Made the car payment..even found out why the last one wasn't taken. Not Becky's fault...she submitted it, the debit department didnt catch it. Okay, so its an excuse..and may not be true, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt...after all, how many times a day do *I* run into a similar situation? Besides, she was being nice. So, yeah, one less bill bearing down at me for a couple weeks anyway.
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Well, I just read his journal. He's back to updating, which is good. But, it makes me miss him even more. I like that I can keep up, don't get me wrong. I just don't feel the same connection with him that I did. *sigh* Oh, I'm by no means saying that I'm giving up on us....no! Not even near being ready to do that...I know its the distance between us that makes me feel this way. I always did say that it probably wouldn't be easy, and I never expected it to be. But, there was a connection when he was here that I just don't feel....
I don't see him online but for a few minutes here and there, when I'm lucky enough to catch him. I'm hoping the Fates will be nice and we'll be able to talk more once he gets his own phone line. I miss him, a lot. I know he's been gone before, and during some of those times I haven't seen him much...this shouldn't be much different...but, maybe its that he won't be home in a month this time. *sigh* I keep myself busy..but, it only helps some. Deep down, I miss having that connection with him...I miss having him drive my car, I miss having him in bed next to me...and I even miss listening to his radio station with him. What I miss most of all, at this moment, is kissing him.
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It has GOT to be the moon....

Strange things happen during the full moon, but I'll admit, I've never had anything quite this...uhm...embarrassing/amusing/bizarre happen. Its not bad...but I expect that I won't get any mercy for it. *braces herself for the onslaught of pure laughter*
The cats...blessed little beasts they think they are...were caught in a very...*ahem* compromising (for me) act this afternoon by my room mate. I have one toy, one. Just one. Its not even very big, or attention drawing. Normally, I keep it in a drawer, but I've been lazy...the drawer is across the room. Its been on the floor of my bedroom for like a month, the cats haven't even noticed it. But, today...oh, yes today...they noticed.
My room mate informed me that she walked into the living room this afternoon and found them CHEWING, yes, I said *chewing* on the vibe. *blushes furiously* What kind of sick and twisted kitties do I have??? Sheesh!! Fortunately, they only chewed on the cord...Pie picked it up in her mouth, and ran away...Bear of course thought the chase was on. *sigh* Worse yet..she just told me that when he swiped at it, he turned it ON. Scared the shit out of him apparently. Good..little freak deserves it *smirk*
Yeap.....full moon.......
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