March 4th, 2002

devil girl

Fucking Monday...

To every customer out there...if you are calling on strange charges to your credit card - HAVE THE CREDIT CARD READY!!!!! KNOW WHICH CREDIT CARD IS BEING CHARGED!!!!!

Seems pretty simple, no? I thought so. Apparently, its not...I'm on hold now, after 15 minutes of not being able to find said strange charges that it might not be on one of the two cards we have for the customer. *bangs head* See, now, we could have cut through about 10 minutes of this if she just had it ready!!
devil girl


Sandybear is gone. His desk is empty. He came in with me this morning...and isn't here now. This does not feel right, and bodes ill. I'm not too entirely sure I want to work here anymore, even more so than before. Things are going south, and fast. They've fired or run off most of those who have been here longer than a year. I have no intention of 'waiting' my turn. So, tonight, its off to mom's. I'm going to get my work history. Fuck this shit. I'll go put up with someone else's crap. *mutter*
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devil girl

Weekend in review...

Alright, so I've been lax. I had every intention of updating this over the weekend, and even last night. But, I was tired, and wanted to just sit on the I did.
Friday, I stayed home. Nothing terribly exciting. I had considered going to the club to try the sybian. I had actually gotten as far as taking a shower...then petered out on the idea. I wanted to go and see..but I didn't really want to go alone. I realized that what I *really* wanted was for Tyr to go with me. That aside, I still considered it, and even attempted to talk myself into well as out of it. I didn't want to go alone, find nice couples doing coupley things and having a great time together...and be left with that incredible lonely feeling. Bleh. Besides, there's always next month. So, I stayed home instead, which was okay too. I got my flannel jammies on, fixed some hot cocoa and spent some quality time with the computer and a fuzzy poster.
Saturday, I was to pick Bryan up at 11:30 am to go down and see bonzo boy. Didn't happen. At least not at 11:30 - you know me, always late. I was born that way, back off! *smirk* It wasn't a big deal...drove down to bonzo boys. Whew..must say, nice campus. Plenty of eye candy *evil little angel grin* But I know I'm out in the boonies when I see a deer on the running track. *blink* I think bonzo boy is becoming much better adjusted than at the last college, and I'm happy for him. He seems less gloomy and generally in a better state of mind. We met his friend and future quad-mate, Mike. Evermore known as "bonzo boy 2". Heh. He's a cutey, and real friendly. Great sense of humor. I think he'll be good for bonzo boy. We have plans to 'kidnap' him and bring him up to the club. I know bonzo boy wants to sign up, so we're having bonzo boy 2 sign up too...and assured him that we wouldn't force him to go back that night.
Saturday night, we brought bonzo boy back to our end of town and went to see Brotherhood of the Wolf. Bryan and I have seen it, but bonzo boy hasn't. He said that he liked it. After that, it was back to my house to sit and gab some. They both stayed the night.
Sunday, we went to brunch, then off to Sacred Traditions. I got the Gypsy Witch tarot deck, which I've been wanting. Yay!! It was only $7..whew! I may need to mention that on Saturday, I bought a few books and another new tarot set...spent more than I should have, but hey. No worshipping the sten for me on this paycheck. Anyway, took bonzo boy home and ended up hanging out there for awhile because the freeway was backed up - multiple multiple car accidents on the northbound side. *sigh* When we left it was all cleared up though - thankfully. Bryan did a reading for bonzo boy 2, and hit close to home I think. All in all, it was enjoyable, and good to see bonzo boy.
I ended the night by bringing Bryan home, then coming home myself to chit chat a bit on the puter, clean the kitchen and get some laundry done. Fell asleep on the couch. I actually woke up this morning mostly rested, whaddya know?