March 6th, 2002

devil girl

Some days you just don't want to get out of bed...

And that last couple have been just that way. Yesterday started out okay, but by the time I went home I was bitchy and depressed. I had a possible dinner guest, who ended up cancelling. I'm glad he told me before work was out. That left me alone for the night, feeling lonely and wanting company. *sigh* Shifting gears, I figured I'd cook myself something quick to eat and sit on the couch and read for awhile. Drowning my sorrows in a book usually works. The computer has become boring to me lately, a place to sit and stare. Give it time, it'll start to get interesting again..just going through a phase.
I fixed myself some chicken helper. A nice solution to a craving I've had for a bit, if I do say so myself. For the last couple days I've had a craving for chicken and soy sauce together, but everything I thought of that I could fix wasn't real quick. Lucky for me we had chicken and fried rice helper. Yum!! Craving fed. It was absolutely delicious.
I did get on the computer for a bit - maybe an hour or so. Left all my message systems up and sat on the couch. I ended up watching more tv than reading, but either way it made me feel okay. Reading made me tired, so I ended up falling asleep before Jenni got home. At about 1 or 2 am, I dragged my ass to bed. It was sometime after that that Tyr got online. Found his message to me this morning. Must learn to ask Jenni to log me off when I go to bed. Heh.
I feel a bit better emotionally this morning - though my frustration with work hasn't calmed any. Today we've added 'new' frustrations..or perhaps just visited old ones. We have helpers..who are too busy to help.
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devil girl

Well, now...

The ex wife messaged me again today. I must say, she surprised me. All she wanted was to let me know she had some of Tyr's stuff and wanted a way to get it back to him since they aren't doing a good job of talking. I told her that I'd see how he wanted to handle that. So, honey, if you read this before I talk to you....its personal stuff she has, let me know what to do, k? She wants to give it to me, or send it to me so I can send it on. I'll try to remember to email, but not sure I will. Thanks! Miss you ;)
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devil girl


Well, I think its been another day of runnning the gambit of emotions. Yes, that does include crying, though I didn't. Thankfully. I was still at work. I've calmed some since being home, but can't say that its been by much. I want company, but I don't really wanna talk to anyone.
I stopped by the store, came home with more than I wanted, but all useable stuff. Got some litter for the kitties, which I'm sure they'll be overjoyed about in a couple days. Got some cinnamon, finally. And some new creamers, and regular cream. I'm all set for nights of hot cocoa. Speaking of which, I'm going to finish up a conversation, then go read. I'll make myself a nice big mug of hot cocoa, complete with some creamer and marshymellows. Another night to 'drown my sorrows'. Except...I don't have anything good for background noise...and I can't find the flippin' remote *grumble*
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