March 7th, 2002

devil girl

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I'd much rather Val Kilmer....but, hey...Elijah isn't bad! ;)
devil girl

*happy sigh*

Tyr came online today - just a bit ago, in fact. He came on just to say that he's thinking of me. He wanted to make sure I was feeling better :) You know, I know that sometimes I don't give him enough credit for how 'romantic' he is. I know that there are a lot of guys who are much more romantic on the whole..but, really, he's quite romantic and thoughtful when I seem to need it most. If he weren't the slightest bit romantic, he wouldn't have come online just to make sure I had attention for a few minutes.
We discussed this whole thing with his ex-wife. I thought it was kind of sad when the first thing he said was that he wasn't sure of her a way that left me to believe that he didn't trust her. Suits me fine. I told him that I would go meet her, in public, but that she would *not* have my address. I don't trust that she wouldn't show up on my doorstep screaming at me (or worse) someday. *shudder* He said that he'd just have her send the stuff to his mom's. He doesn't really want me involved in the drama. I thank him for trying to protect me from it :) I'm just sorry that he has to go through it.
He said that he needed my address, he bought me something to let me know he was thinking of me :) I know he does, even when I don't always think about it. I know it when he pops online and we connect, even for a short time, ya know? He doesnt have to buy me things for me to know it. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that he got me something, I just don't ever want him to feel that he *has* to.
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devil girl

I survived!!!

My first experience driving in the snow. Let me tellya....whew!!! I made it one piece, undamaged. And that includes the car!! I can say that I didn't care for it..I was scared!! When I got onto the freeway, I slid. Talk about heartstopping. Gulp! But, I didn't hit anything...and people were actually being smart and going slow as well as leaving plenty of room. Closer to home, it wasn't snowing, which was good. I was worried about how I'd make the exit, which has a fairly sharp and long turn. Not only that, but I live on a hill! That curves! But, I'm home, safe. No snow, but thunder and lightening. Its the kind of lightening that lights up the whole God with a flash camera! ;)
I went out for coffee with an ex boyfriend. The one that went to was nice seeing him again. I realized something tonight though. I treasure the time I had with him, and I think a part of me will always love him, and I love that he's been a part of my life, and hopefully still will be...but, I don't want to be his girlfriend. Not that it was a consideration before coffee...but, just a .. dawning. Even were I single, I think that I'd just love to be his friend, nothing more. I also realized just how long we've known each other. He's one of a very few men who's been around for more than a couple years. We've known each other...almost 10 years. Kinda scarey. I didn't realize it had been that long...but, then we were talking about old times, and the cons we'd been to together, even how we met. I think we met in 94,, not quite 10 years..but, still. Wow. I hope that we do become better friends again...I miss his friendship. :)
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