March 10th, 2002

devil girl

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Today was...devine. Yep. That's the word for it. Devine. I had nowhere to be, so I got up without an alarm clock. I sat on the couch and watched some tv while I had a cup of coffee. Even had a bit of time to myself before the roomie was up. I got to curl up on the couch under my comforter and read. I finished the book. Yay! Excellent book...can't wait for book #2 in the series to come out. Fixed myself a lovely dinner of steak and rice pilaf. Yum. Have some left over even, and the steak....mmmmm...melt in the mouth delicious!
It seemed almost a shame to have to get up and go to the club. I'm glad I did though, the shower was great, and I managed to get myself started with enough time that I didn't have rush. Brownie point for me. At the club, I found a man with a violet wand..and some attachments I haven't seen...and now I want >:). One was a fiber brush...I tried it on my arm. Mmmmmnnn. I want!! The other one, is a cup attachment for the breast. I got to feel that through my shirt. I want!! He said the one you can find most often has a bulb on the back for suction. I got to watch that being tried. I wanted to try it! (hint, hint, hint)
Now I'm home, watching roomie, her fiance and her sister play video games. Oh, wait, and listening to the fuzzbucket whine at me because God forbid, I'm on the puter and not paying attention to him. I think I'm going to find a new book to read....
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devil girl

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Hi there, I'm STEVIE NICKS, went my train of thought..
Hooray! I'm STEVIE NICKS, vocalist and tambourine-ist of Fleetwood Mac! I'm very caring, generous, loving, and sweet. I enjoy twirling and banging away on my tambourine with the occasional wail. I'd give to charity any day of the week and if one person gets hurt, I'd call off everything to aid him. Too damn bad everyone thinks I'm a witch, though :\

I wail/bang away on songs like "Gold Dust Woman," "Sister Of The Moon," and "Edge Of Seventeen."

Which member of Fleetwood Mac are you?

I love of a few women who's voice will make me melt...