March 12th, 2002

devil girl

So it continues...

Well, the maintenance man has been here. I no longer have counters in my kitchen. Of course, I no longer have 3 inches of water in my kitchen. Oh no, that's drained into the already soaking wet carpet. Good sign, no standing water ontop of the carpet, you have walk on it to know its wet. Then it soakes you. I have wet, cold feet, the cuff of my jeans are wet. And I'm at home still. The carpet guys will be here soon, I think, to dry out the carpets. The water heater will take most of the day to be replaced, due to location and amount of work. *sigh* And, no shower for me. Hell, at this point, I can't even brush my teeth. *grumble* I'm not a happy camper. What a way to wake up. Thought I'd lost my cell phone, which was annoying because I'd just had it. But I found it *whew*. Cat's locked in the bedroom with the roomie, who's a tad on the cranky side. Well, who can blame her? 4 hours of sleep and a wake up call that says "by the way, our apartment is flooded..."
Happy fucking Tuesday to you too.....
devil girl

On the brighter side...

I found the paper work for my computer. This means that I can fill out the forms for the rebate, if its not too late and that I can take both puters in to have all data transferred. Yay! Much easier. This may be done over the weekend when I'm not around as much - plans and all. Maybe.
Well, so much for the brighter side. *growl* So much for my upswing in mood. I just got an emailed verbal warning for my tardy this morning. Nevermind that emergency vacation was approved..and nevermind that I didn't know my water heat was in danger of breaking, much less that it had done so during the night.
Yep - I think I'm going to get that information transfer, so I have my resume. *growl*
devil girl

Onyx is NOT a happy angel....

So, I come home, prepared for the sight..but, not really. I have fans in my living room, which make enough noise to be irritating, blowing the carpet up away from the floor. The apartment is in a total state of dissarray and about the only thing I can reach without any difficulity is the computer. All my furniture is stacked in front of the tv, and god only knows where the remote's been moved to. My bedroom is ransacked...everythings piled under my window, including my bed, which is propped up by the crate I had in my room.
My knee has been hurting, and growing progressively worse. I'm limping now. And, to top everything off...I went to Jack in the Crack, figuring I can't really afford it, but better that than trying to cook....and they gave me the wrong fucking sandbitch.

onyx is NOT a happy angel...*snarl*....
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devil girl

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Oh, I forgot to mention...the carpet in my closet is all torn up. I have my rope, my flogger, as well Tyr's floggers, in the closet. *sigh* Guess I don't have any secrets now....