March 14th, 2002

devil girl

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Yesterday was much better than Monday. My nerves weren't so shot to hell. Yes, I still came home to fans blowing everywhere, even a new one added. And the carpet is *still* wet, even this morning. But, ya know, its going to be okay. The house is a mess, and I have plans through the weekend, but in the end, it'll be okay. I slept on the couch last night and the night before, good thing its so damn comfortable. The cats have been hiding in Jenni's room for the last 2 days, and the apartment smells like mold *sigh*
Tonight, I work the Grind. Not entirely sure I feel like going, but at least I have the early shift. I usually like the Grind, but have felt so much stress lately, I'm not entirely sure I want to be real social.
I just found out that I can burn text files onto cd! Yay! This makes the prospect of backing up my b.os. project so much more delightful. I'm thinking of all sorts of things. I need a file cabinet, to put all my financial paper work in. And the bookshelf still. Oh, and a cd labeling thing would be was only $30 at Costco. Of course, I must learn how to use the damn rw drive *smirk*
Today, I have 2 calls that are necessary. One to Working Assets to see about a damn phone. The second to an insurance place for my car. I'm hoping I can afford it. *sigh* But, I'll call and ask what the rate is and what not. Rather, its a little over $1000 for 6 months - I just need to see about monthly payments since they don't give that information.
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