March 25th, 2002

devil girl

I got it!!!!

Yay!! I got the present Tyr sent..and I love it! Its a huge fleece (I think) blanket with a big beautiful blue and gold dragon on it!! Its big enough, I discovered, to cocoon myself in with a small puddle left at my feet when I sit at the computer. This blanket, of course, goes to bed with me :) Its like having a bit of him there. I feel so warm and fuzzy. Now, I just need to go shopping with the money he sent for..'supplies'.....

More on the weekend later, when I have time to write :)
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devil girl


Alright...the more I promised earlier. This weekend we celebrated Jenni's bday. Friday was nothing spectacular...ended up staying up until the wee early morning hours. I talked to Tyr express permission to play around online. Wooohooo! I'm excited because now I can release steam and not have the nagging 'what if'. I like that. I prefer other things, but hey, right works. Fantasies abound.
Saturday I woke up late in the afternoon and realized that I hadn't talked to Bryan about a time. No phone, no pager. Which, I'm determined to fix by the way. My cell was off for Friday because of payment...stupid thing wouldn't let me do it over the phone either...billing address on my bank card and the phone aren't the same. It wasn't so much that I wasn't allowed to do it, because I understood, it was more that I couldn't talk to someone to correct that. GRRRR. So, finally get it all straightened out online, made a payment, but because the payment was $4 short, I had to call in. I ended up just paying the whole damn thing rather than just the past due amount. *sigh* Oh well. Some creative budgeting I guess. Anyway, end result - no Bryan. Grrr.
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