April 7th, 2002

devil girl

The usual weekend update...

Friday - Went to get Bryan, then Zac. Work was looooong. Not a bad day, just terribly long. Not too many calls in the queue, which has been kind of unusual. Spent most of the evening driving after that. I swear bonzo boy is nearly to Oregon. Hmph. Brought them up here and watched a few movies.
Saturday - We had intended to go to Escaflowne, but I slept for the better part of the morning. I passed out Saturday morning and Bryan decided to let me sleep. As a result, I ended up just going to the Tarot class. We got more of a break down of the minor arcana this week. I think this'll help me alot. I did do something that I suppose I shouldn't have. I got a wand. Its expensive, and I have it on layaway. Its beautiful...copper, with dragons on it. Complete with Chakra stones. It should take me 2 more payments or so to get it. I don't have a wand, and these are handmade and powerful. I don't normally feel power, but I did on this one.
We tried to convince bonzo boy 2 to come up here, but it was a no go. Bryan made dinner and we ended up watching more movies all night.
Today - Made it to Eskaflowne, barely. Wonderful movie!!! I want to add it, as well as the series, to my collection. Before the movie, we stopped by Sacred Traditions. I showed Bryan my wand and the one they had that I thought he'd like. It was a beautiful Sehkmet wand. He got it :) Tonight I don't have any plans...already dropped company off at respective homes and talked to bonzo boy 2 a bit. I'm tired and I'm not sure why. I have a bit of laundry to do, but I'm waiting for the washers to free up...seems someone else had the same idea. *sigh*