April 9th, 2002

devil girl

Book travellin'.....

Well, I was inspired today. I joined bookcrossing.com. My username is the same as usual ;) There's not much there yet, and I don't have a book registered yet..but I will here soon. Mom's leaving for Ohio, so I'll pawn a couple off on her. Bryan's going to CA, so I'll pawn a couple off on him. I have a co-worker who frequents the Eastern side of this state...so, more pawning. Yay! If anyone wants books to take and leave, lemme know...I'll happily pawn! *big grin*
devil girl

(no subject)

haha! I have a new background yet again! I love that I can do this easily. Mmm, refreshing change :) I love Dawn...I think I'll go drool for awhile.....