April 13th, 2002

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Last night was really rather enjoyable, despite that I was tired and grumpy. Picked up Bryan and went to Gordon Beircsh (think I have that spelled right) for dinner. Yuuuummmmy. We were thinking about hitting a movie, but decided that since neither of us had a burning desire to see anything at the theater there in the mall, that we'd skip it and just bullshit. Dinner was great, had a nice NY steak with some onion rings and garlic mashed potatos. For dessert we had a very tasty bread pudding - they have the best I've tasted, warm and a little sweet. Mmmm.
After dinner we went downstairs to Barnes & Noble to look at books. I got a couple by a comic that I like, very funny. David Sardis I think is his name. We also got 'This American Life' cd, which is a collection of stories that were aired on the radio about growing up in the US. Some of them are hilarious. David Sardis reads one of his stories from "Naked", its really great. We came home to torture Rob and Helena with it ;)
Bryan went to bed before I did, we came home to the house being a mess. Jenni has her new bedroom set, so they were putting it together while she was at work. We pulled out the matresses so I had somewhere to sleep, didn't think I'd make it all night. I was right. Bryan gave me the first three comics of Death from the Sandman series. Yay! I love Lady Death. I read 2 of them last night.
Getting up this morning wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I stumbled to the car and drove him to the airport. When I came back, I stripped the jeans and fell into bed. Heh. Much needed sleep...I ended up sleeping most of the day. I feel pretty lazy at the moment due to that. I work the club though so I can't be *too* lazy. Right now, I'm just debating on dinner...do I want to take my book and hit Denny's, order in, or find a bank and hit fast food? I'm kind of looking at Denny's but I'm not sure I want to eat alone.
devil girl

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Want To Know Which Element You Are?

Stuck between the sky and the ground, you lack
the sudden impulse that Air has but are unable to root yourself down like Earth. Though you have troubles
finishing projects, people can depend on you for the most part (even if it means pulling a few all-nighters).
On the plus side, you are extremely adaptable and thus can adjust to any situation. Sure, you might not like
it, but it doesn't weigh you down.

Best Match: Fire, just enough 'oomph' to keep your interest.

Worst Match: Spirit, you'll be out the door before they make up their minds.

wasted a bunch of time making this test.