April 15th, 2002

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devil girl


I have my taxes filed. Just under the wire..haha. Nothing like waiting until the last minute..at least I got it done before 11:59 pm. From the look of it, I should be getting back $265. I think I'm going to get a bed with that, but I'm not sure. May get the bed sooner, we'll see. I'm relieved that I have them done, one less stress.

I know that I've been lax in counting calories and starting this 'diet' thing..but, here's what I've had so far.
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Did some shopping with the roomie last night, and bought a bra. I guess I've forgotten how long its been since I've worn one. And just how uncomfortable they can be. *sigh* Unfortunately, I'm not small enough to go without one and be okay. *muttergrumbles*
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I'm thinking about setting up yet another journal. This would be a total of 3, my daily life, my writing and this new one would be for my religious studies. I realize that some of this is day to day living and insights, and that's okay, I'll jot those down here. What I want is a journal of some sort for my tarot readings while I'm learning..and notes from books I read, etc. I'll leave it open to the public to comment of course, as long as I'm getting useful observations. Ha. I know, wish me luck. I could handwrite this stuff, but I know me better than that. Tried that and failed...and since I seem to do better at keeping an online journal, this may work for my witchy stuffs too.
Another damn project among the many I have :) I'm still working on my discs of shadows, collecting more info at the moment than copying and sorting, but oh well. So, major points for tonight: cook myself dinner, move the recliner to where we aren't climbing over it, clean my room and work with my cards. The computer may have to wait. Feh. Like they'd miss me anyway :P
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