April 21st, 2002

devil girl

Okay...so, last night...

Was wonderful! That Faery dust I bought must have worked! ;)
First, it was off to the tarot class. I had gotten up about 10 am with the intention of doing laundry, which *still* hasn't been done. I made the mistake of sitting in the recliner to watch cartoons. The tarot class was fun and interesting as usual. I really need to start working with the cards more often, but I think I'm finally getting it. I bought some more supplies, probably spent way more money than I should have. I bought some banishing and cleansing stuff, as well as some new charcoal and a grated burner. I also broke down and bought the wax seal with the faerie on it. Good thing I did too, she said they won't have any more of those for months.
After class, it was off to Everett for a Cam game. I got all checked in and then realized I had the wrong character sheet. Ugh!! (btw, Tyr, hon, you've played in Everett ;) ). I had a lot of fun though, and it turned out that I didn't need to worry about it. This group was a lot friendlier than the last I'd been to. Not that SKC wasn't friendly, but it just seemed every one knew everyone and I was kind of an outsider. With this group I actually got to play some...granted, I did mostly listening, but it was still a great time. I wish I could have gone to afters, but I had to be at the club. I'd love to go back to Everett and play again. Jenni says I should come to Tacoma with her sometime, and I think I might. May be worth becoming a member ;)
The club was fun. Sat and talked all night for the most part. It was kinda 'quiet'..in that there were not a lot of people there, less than 100 I think. I met some new people, which is always great :) And I got asked out! Yep, lil me. Took me totally off guard. I'll have to talk to Tyr about this one....I think he'd be somewhat amused. (May I just mention the hello kitty paddle?) Anyway, I have his email, I haven't answered him yet. I think I wouldn't mind hanging out with him, he seems like an interesting person...and for some reason, he's always stuck out in my mind for something like 2 years. I saw him on a panel once when I first started attending the club......I still can't get over it. Life is funny that way :) It was an ego boost to say the least...and a very nice feeling.
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devil girl


Okay, so, a little bit of tweaking and I've cleared the boxes and changed the text. Thanks flamewing! So..opinions? Text need to be darker, lighter, more red, more black? What? Easy to read? Yes...this *does* require one to traverse to my actual journal site :P
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I thought we could do it, could make it. I put my heart into it...and was proven wrong. I should know better. I'm single once again.
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